How are Packaging Sleeves Measured? Packaging 2021


The sleeve packaging is a unique box that helps in the effective protection of packed items. These boxes are well-known because of their creative appearances and amazing styles. They come with a base tray which helps in holding the products. In contrast, the upper sleeve makes sure to cover the package. People consider these boxes ideal for the packaging of fancy cookies, macrons, and even expensive jewelry. You can customize them in attractive shapes and custom sizes. You can also print them using high-quality techniques like flexography, screen as well as digital printing. These techniques make sure to enhance the appearance of the packaging.

You can use the sleeve packaging for all kinds of products. They help in the perfect packaging of eatables as well as the other products. This way, it helps in increasing the value of the packed product. You can also measure these packaging sleeves by considering the type of packaging item. With such an option, you can get the right size of these sleeves that will look attractive and compelling. 

1.    Jar Packaging Sleeve

The box sleeve printing USA allows you the opportunity to display different information. This sleeve printing is done so that people may get an idea about the packed item from the surface. You can display information like the net weight of the product as well as its pricing. If this is used to wrap around some jar, then you can also display product-specific details. For example, if pickles are packed in the jar, then you can mention the manufacturing and expiry date. You can also display cautions on the surface of the sleeve so that people may get an idea. 

All of such information must be displayed through contrasting colors. This aspect helps readers as they can easily read and understand the information. To measure the packaging sleeve for the jar, you need to wrap the paper around it. The paper should be wrapped in such a way that it meets both ends. The paper should not be too small or too large. After that, mark the place where both ends of the paper meet. This is the length you require for the manufacturing of your packaging sleeve.

2.    Packaging Sleeve Of A T-Shirt

The cardboard sleeve packaging suppliers have mastered the art of measuring the sleeves for the t-shirts. These sleeves or belly band packaging refers to a paper that enfolds the object. This object can vary all the time, so you need to measure it accurately according to your product. For example, if your product is a t-shirt, then first you need to fold it. Fold it in such a way that it becomes easy to wrap any kind of paper around it. After that, for measuring purposes, you can get a sample paper and then wrap it around the folded t-shirt. The paper should be large enough to cover the product. But it should not be too big that it does not reveal the t-shirt color. The sides of the packaging sleeve must be small so that it can stay in place. This way, you can easily pack your shirt attractively.

3.    Sleeve for a Box

The cardboard sleeve packaging is one of a kind. It often comes with a custom die-cut window which helps in revealing the packed items. These boxes are perfect for the encasement of all kinds of products. You can use them for the packaging of chocolates, macrons, and even other stuff as well. To pack multiple products, you can also get custom inserts in them. The boxes are nothing but perfect yet beautiful packaging options. 

If you want to wrap packaging sleeves around them, then you need to get the right measurements of them. The boxes have different dimensions as compared to the jar. So, it is quite easy to measure the packaging sleeve. All of this depends upon the size and shape of the box. Considering these aspects, you can take a long paper as a sample. And use it to wrap around the package. You should cut two inches more than where the ends meet. This will give you an opportunity to glue the packaging sleeve easily. 

4.    Packaging Sleeve for Scarves

These packaging sleeves come in many sizes. They help in making the product stand out on the shelf of retail outlets. When a product has this belly band packaging, it makes sure to attract more customers. People are easily attracted to such items because they look different and unique from the rest of the items. The Belly band packaging is also used for the scarves these days. By folding the scarf into the appropriate shape, you can measure its length and width. As scarf is a fabric material, so you should adjust the measurement accordingly. Clothing businesses are using them because they help in the advertising of the brand. 

5.    Sleeves of the Boxes of Eatables

The belly band packaging is used for all sorts of products. From the trays of eggs, or a bar of chocolate, or even some container of food, these packagings are used. Especially for the boxes that contain eatables like meats etc., businesses prefer to use the packaging sleeve. They are measured according to the size and shape of the container. The nature of the box does not matter. These belly bands packagings go with all sorts of boxes, whether made out of plastics or cardboard. The only thing matter is that their sizes should not be too big or too small. Or else they will not be able to wrap the package elegantly. You can avoid this mistake by measure the size of the box and then making the packaging sleeve accordingly.

The packaging sleeves are no less than the sleeve packaging in nature. They both are made out of eco-friendly materials. This packaging also allows printing options through which you can make them more stunning. You can use either one of these to enhance the value of the product.