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How can intranet in an organization improve employee retention rate?

How can intranet in an organization improve employee retention rate? 

Thanks to technology, now your employees can work from the comfort of their home while maintaining a perfect balance between professional and personal life. After the COVID-19, most companies provide their employees with a flexible hybrid working model. However, businesses that struggle to offer their employees a flexible work environment may have to deal with a lower employee retention rate.

If you are also facing the same issue and seeking ways to improve employee retention, then implementing an intranet in organization can turn out to be an effective solution. An intranet acts as a bridge between employees working from an office and remote locations and allows them to communicate and collaborate on the same platform.

Here are a few ways implementing an open source corporate intranet software can improve employee retention rate.

  1. Allow remote working

 Undoubtedly, working together in an office can strengthen employee relationships. However, you can reduce staff absenteeism when you give your employees the freedom to manage their work-life balance by implementing an intranet in an organization and creating a digital workplace. It also leads to employee satisfaction, leading to a higher employee retention rate. An intranet also allows employees to collaborate with their colleagues regardless of their location. As a result, it helps improve business productivity.

  1. Eliminate barriers between employees and departments

No matter how hard you try to enhance internal communication, many businesses end up having teams not collaborating with other departments to get work done. Not only it can lead to poor employee engagement and employee experience but also affect overall productivity. However, onboarding solutions can break down these barriers and encourage internal communication and collaboration between different departments. Not only this will help create an efficient workplace but also allow your employees to focus on their job.

  1. Effective for company growth

When you find your company is not growing at the expected pace, the reason behind it might be that your best employees are likely to feel disconnected from their jobs. An outdated set and poor communication make it hard for the staff to find opportunities to aid in the company’s growth. However, when you use the small business intranet solutions for creating a digital workplace, it will make it easier for every employee to feel valued and a crucial part of the organization. As a result, it will motivate employees to work with their full potential and contribute to the company’s growth.

  1. Business expansion becomes easier

 When you want to expand your business, you have to make a huge investment to expand your physical office space to house all employees. However, with a digital workplace, you can allow your employees to work from their homes, eliminating the need for the physical expansion of the office. This will not only save you a lot of money but also make expansion easier without affecting your existing employees in any way.

  1. Employee recognition

 Recognizing employees is critical to retention. Not only does it motivate other employees to do better but also boost employee engagement. However, not every employer understands the benefits of employee recognition and thinks recognition is equal to financial rewards. A structured reward and incentive system can help employee recognition and lead to employee satisfaction and a high employee retention rate. An intranet can host a recognition system that both employers and employees can use to recognize their colleagues for their achievements. It can significantly impact your company’s productivity and encourage employee loyalty.

The Bottom Line

Implementing the right intranet solution in your organization can significantly reduce employee turnover and drive business growth and success. So, no matter whether you are seeking ways to improve business productivity or reduce employee turnover, an intranet in an organization can be an effective option.

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