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How Halfway Houses in Missouri Can Be Life-Changing For Recovering Addicts

How Halfway Houses in Missouri Can Be Life-Changing For Recovering Addicts 

For people who are used to living their lives in freedom and making their own rules (and breaking them, of course!), living in a house full of rules can be intimidating. Addicts, usually, don’t like being told what to do. 


However, it’s pretty clear that this attitude of yours didn’t take you anywhere much, did it? Perhaps that’s why you are reading this, or maybe you know somebody who is an addict. 


Halfway houses in Missouri are not jails. They are mere houses with strict rules and a routine. And this is not to punish you, but to make you a responsible citizen. 


Till now, you may have been partying till late and waking up at noon, staying all messy and confused the whole day, skipping meals or gorging on junk food, and not knowing what exactly you want to do in life. 


When you spend time in a house, everything changes. 


Here’s what you have to do in a house

You sleep at a fixed time, which is most probably earlier than 11 pm. This may sound impossible to some of you at first. 


You wake up early, probably at dawn or at the latest by 7 am. What!


You have no chance to stay messy. You must clean and bathe, do the assigned chores and be at the breakfast table at a set time. 


Oh yes, you can’t skip breakfast! And no junk food. You develop a habit of eating healthy, balanced meals. 

You attend AA meetings, group discussions, do journaling, undergo therapies, counseling, and whatnot. Everyone also get a chance to develop your hobbies. 

Gradually, you begin to develop a vision for yourself. According to experts, recovering addicts who follow the rules of a halfway house dedicatedly find a purpose in their life. 

And when you have a purpose, you can, no longer, stay an addict. You have better things to do in life! 


You learn accountability

What’s that, you may ask. Well, you promised your spouse you would pick the kids from school, and then you got so drunk you forgot! Or you promised your kids you would be home for dinner. But then you got carried away with the booze at the bar and entered home not before midnight. Sounds familiar? 

In a sober living in Missouri, you are expected to:

  • Stay sober every single day
  • Be at the house at a fixed time in the evening
  • Find a job and do well in it
  • Respect and follow house rules
  • Respect other’s privacy, sobriety, and possessions
  • Be human and not fight like cats and dogs with anybody in the house
  • Complete all the assigned chores and attend all therapies and sessions required

Searching for “halfway houses near me?” You can find one easily and confidently through the house directory. According to a study, recovering addicts who directly returned home after a recovery program were more likely to relapse than those who went to a house after the program. This is because the house lays a strong foundation of sobriety in the life of a recovering addict. 

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