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How long should a blog article be?

How long should a blog article be? 

Every single blogger out there – whether on their own or as part of blog writing companies – want to have more readers, more traffic and more links to their blog. We write and share into the public domain so that people sit up and take notice. Building an audience online isn’t easy, but it’s essential to learn how to write excellence into every blog post so that you can get this right. One of the biggest questions that you will ask yourself as a blog writer is how long your blog article should be.

If content is so important, you want to know the perfect way to get people coming to your website simt and time again. It’s important to figure out what the best length would be and that starts with dispelling some of the myths for blogging.

Is Shorter Better?

Some people think that blogging has to be short and snappy every single time. They think that people will be bored after reading 600 words, but it’s just not the case. Plenty of longer articles are up to 4,000 words at a time, and they get just as much traffic as the shorter posts. For SEO, shorter can be better but for those looking for detail, longer is definitely the preference!

A Perfect Length?

When it comes to blogging, it really depends on what you hope to achieve from your blog to know whether it’s the perfect length. If you want to build a good following, you might start with 250 word posts with images and infographics to garner attention. Then you might think about mixing these up with 2,000+ word articles that allow people to dive a little deeper into a topic. If you want to generate discussion, it’s the shorter posts under 500 words that gain attention.

Creating engagement is a good idea and shorter posts are perfect for that. However, if you want more social media shares, consider listicles and longer articles. The size of your audience needs to be kept in mind here. Medium posts that go from 600-1,250 words are perfect for great discussion and understanding, and they’re not too stressful to regularly write, either.

Aiming For Traffic?

If you want to build traffic, you want to consider the SEO side of your blog. Heavily researched posts that clock up over 2,000 words at a time are an attention grabber for SEO purposes. These are longer, authoritative and educational posts that people want to read.

No matter what you do, though, you need to blog according to what your audience wants. You want to rank well and look great online, and that means considering those clicking to read your blogs. Mix it up, keep them long, make them short and you’ll see which of your blogs are most popular. It’s all about experimentation and consistency! The more you test the blog lengths, the more data you can use to see which is the best idea for your audience.

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