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How Technology is Changing the Future of Interior Design

How Technology is Changing the Future of Interior Design 

Technology is a wonderful thing. It has not only made human lives a lot simpler but has also helped businesses discover their true potential. One such area of business is that of interior design. Due to the advancements in tech, the interior design industry has evolved rapidly. The standard practices that were once used are no longer needed to run the operations. This means that you no longer have to meet each client in person or have to use paper invoices. This is because people have grown accustomed to using video chat software and online invoices instead. If you are an interior designer then you would have to adapt yourself to the changing ways.

Using Tech to Discover Ideas for Interior Design

Before even thinking of finding ideas for interior design, it is important for you to equip yourself with a stable internet connection. This is because most of the research work that you will do would be online. Hence find a reliable ISP that can offer you uninterrupted connectivity. I remember when my friend launched his interior designing business, he opted for the Spectrum internet plan. This helped him run his business operations smoothly.

Once you have chosen the right ISP for you, now comes the part of coming up with a design idea. Though it is true that an idea can naturally come to you. However, instead of waiting, you can just simply use technology for that. How? Well, the answer is inspirational websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. You can find a lot of creative ideas there. And when you find the right one, you can just add your own touch to it. You can save all the images that you found on the web for later use. Also, you can collaborate with other designers via different sites. It can also allow you to grow your professional network.

Interesting Ways to Market Your Interior Design Business

When technology was not so advanced, interior designers used to rely on a combination of ad space in a premium listing in the yellow pages and local publications. This has changed now! The professionals can now generate more leads than ever before and here’s how:

#1. Google Ads

If you want more people to visit your website or get in touch with you then you can simply opt for Google ads. By doing this, the platform will display your ad whenever someone searches for an interior designer. This will give your business more exposure.

#2. Facebook

Facebook is more than just a social media website. With over two billion uses from across the world, you can easily use this platform to market your business. How? The answer is through running an ad campaign. You will get to select the demographic based on age, location, likes, and behavior. This will enable you to target the specific audience which you think might be interested in your services.

#3. YouTube Ads

Do not forget about YouTube ads! It can prove to be a very reliable platform for your business and can help you get more leads. There are millions of people who use YouTube daily. So, by setting the right demographics, you can expect your business to gain significant traction.

Using Tech to Run Your Business

By now you must have realized how easy it has become to run your interior design business. You really have to thank technology for that. From billing clients to gaining access to digital inspirational files, embracing modern tech would only increase your efficiency. It can also improve your client experience. For instance, you can use different 3D tools such as RoomSketcher that can help your clients visualize their space more vividly. Plus, you can interact with your clients in a variety of different ways like screen-sharing or video chatting. Moreover, you can make use of cloud storage to store important data that your clients can also have access to.


As long as technology keeps evolving, you can expect to experience more changes in the interior design industry. Currently, people are excited to integrate virtual reality or VR with interior design. This would help you give your clients an immersive experience of your design. In other words, when your clients wear the VR headset, he/she will be transported to a holographic projection of your designed project. This would allow them to give you the right feedback which will help you with your work. This is similar to dialing the Spectrum customer service phone number to let the customer service team know of any problem that you might be facing. Besides VR, augmented reality is also one way that can allow you to give your clients a near reality viewing experience of your design.

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