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How to Change and Balance your Own Motorcycle Tire

How to Change and Balance your Own Motorcycle Tire 

Changing a motorcycle tire needs careful procedure to allow a safe ride. All riders should know how to change the tires before hitting the road. 

If you struggle to change the tires, I am going to provide you with the instructions on how to change a motorcycle tire. 

How to Change a Motorcycle Tire: Removing the Old Wheel 

Whether you have faced a flat tire or are planning to replace a new one, changing motorcycle tires is a tedious task, as it requires the right equipment to change the tires safely. If you are one of those riders, who loves to maintain your bike, then you will enjoy reading this guide. 

motorcycle tire

To change the tires safely, you need to follow the instructions.

Things you need:

  • A motorcycle lift stand
  • A warm water
  • A Dish soap
  • A bead breaker
  • Silicone spray (optional)
  • Tire irons
  • Tire levers or spoons  


  1. The first thing you have to acquire a replacement is to use a motorcycle life stand and lift your motorcycle to your desired height. Then remove the rear wheel of your bike by acquiring tire removal tools. If you do not have a lift stand, you can use any stable stand to remove the old tire. 

Note: Make sure the bike is stable to put on the stand. If it is not stable, you need to readjust the stand or tighten the screws to rest stably to protect from injuries. Do not over exceed the height of the stand, as this will result in serious accidents. 

  1. Once you have adjusted the motorcycle onto the stand, use warm water, dish soap, and mix them to make a 50/50 mixture. Pour this mixture into an empty spray bottle. Use this mixture and spray on the tire and the rim using a clean cloth. This will help you to change the tires easily. 
  1. After you have sprayed onto your tire and rim, deflate and break the bead of the tire by using tire levers or place your weight on it. To deflate the tires is to locate the valves and pull all of the air out until the tires have deflated completely. For this step, you need to mark a pencil to know which direction the tire rotates. 
  1. To break the bead of the tires is to use bead breakers or tire levers. You can push down at the side of the tires with your heel. This step requires grunting which requires extra force and pressure to remove the tires. 
  1. If tire levers are inconvenient, you can go for zip ties. This helps to work on small sections to remove the oil tire. To go for an alternative method, you can use tire irons to lever one side of the tire and over the rim. Once you have finished with the tire from one side, flip the rim and lever the side over. The tire should pull free at this point and the tire has been removed. 

Note: If this technique does not work, stand the wheel vertically and put your knee on the tire where you have inserted the tire iron and pushed. This extra force should help to push the side over the lip of the rim. 

  1. To insert the new tire is to reverse the steps and observe the rotation of the tires. This will make it easier to rotate and insert the new tire. 

Tips and Advice When Changing the Tires

When it comes to changing the tires, you must check each component of your motorcycle including the tires before hitting the road. To ensure the tires to be in their best conditions, there are some certain tips and advice to follow when replacing your oil tires. 

– When planning to change the tires, gather the right equipment to save time and energy on searching around the tools to change the tires. 

– To ensure a stable change, go for a lift stand or any stable object to change the tires. Do take care to rest the bike onto the stand to allow a safe changing process. Be sure you adjust the stand to the desired height to change the tires without serious injuries.

– Before you hit the road, do check the condition of your tires to see any signs of cracks, chipping, any sharp objects that have pierced the tire, level of pressure and deflation. You can check the condition of your tires using a motorcycle tire pressure monitor system.

– You should change your tires every few miles or so to avoid further damage to the tires. Even before you ride, you should check the condition of your tires. 

Wrap Up 

Here is the guide on how to change a motorcycle tire where riders change the tires to allow a smooth ride and save from accidents. Riders should know how to change the tires and must check the condition of the tires before hitting the road. If you have not changed your tires, you should refer to this guide above. 

So change your tires and ride safely!

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