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How to Choose the Best Hurdle Training Equipment

How to Choose the Best Hurdle Training Equipment 

Learning to hurdle comes with a lot of key benefits. From improving muscle stability and strength to preventing injuries, these drills can result in an increased aerobic capacity for a more fit cardio profile. However, not all hurdles are equal which is why it’s important that you think about your goals and choose the best agility training equipment.

The Benefits of Hurdle Drills

One of the most effective methods of improving a runner’s strength, speed, and endurance is by incorporating hurdle drills with their workouts. In fact, high school coaches across the country consider it one of the best forms of training for athletes. However, not all hurdling equipment is created equal. You need to choose a properly fitting running cap and shin guards that will provide you with sufficient support while still being lightweight and flexible – these are important features in order to protect against injury.

How to Choose the Best Equipment for You

Based on the needs of your runner and their personal preference, identifying the best hurdling band is a difficult question to answer. Hurdle training has two goals: familiarisation and conditioning. Depending on your current fitness level, the type of activity you’ll be doing most often should dictate what type of equipment you purchase. If performing long distance running, walking or jogging, a combination of a weighted vest, shoes and pads would be ideal. Once you’ve selected the correct type of hurdle to use, consider height and length when choosing the appropriate hurdle while purchasing new ones.

Pros and Cons of Different Hurdle Drills

No matter what type of jump you have, you need to fully understand how it works and where it should be placed. There are many different types of hurdles and jumps, each with its own pros and cons for use in your training routine. A well-designed hurdle training program is not only great for physical fitness but also provides mental benefits. For most beginners, the jump over the hurdle is the most popular method. Other exercises include hurdle races, where a timer carefully tracks accumulated time over several laps, as well as one-hurdle hops and pops. This article mainly discusses the technical aspects of different types of hurdles being used by different manufacturers and professionals.


A great way to improve your agility and explosiveness is to find good quality adjustable training hurdles that have enough width to hop across. It’s like a jump rope, without the impact. Hurdle machines have an ankle bar or a wide strip of padding to ensure you are safe on them. They also make it harder for your feet to slip, which helps you build strength. If you are looking for an inexpensive training mat or surface, purchase one with friction tape towards the bottom.

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