How To Complete Quests Fast In FIFA 22 Career Mode – Achieving Goals Easy

How To Complete Quests Fast In FIFA 22 Career Mode – Achieving Goals Easy

In FIFA 22, the difference from SBC is that the rewards given by all targets are non tradable, including portfolio rewards. In other words, it can only be used by itself or sacrificed to SBC. In FIFA 22, two target groups have been added to the milestone goals: “bronze lineup” and “silver lineup”.

Milestone goal “bronze lineup”, unlimited:

Complete the above four tasks. Reward: 1 × Rare player pack (untradeable).

Milestone goal “silver lineup”, unlimited:

Complete the above four tasks. Reward: 1 × Rare player pack [not tradable].

These two target groups each have a player bag worth 350 FIFA Coins, and then finally give back a small nuclear bomb worth 1000 FIFA 22 Coins. If you finish both, you can get two 350 green dot bags + two 1000 FIFA 22 Coins bags. It is actually very easy to complete these two target groups. You can see that their game requirements are any FUT game mode. What does that mean? In other words, friendlies are counted. Narrow it down again, that is, you can invite friendly competitions with your friends, which is also included.

Since you can invite each other to the friendly game, needless to say, in each game, you only need to use the full bronze / silver player lineup, then use the bronze / silver player to score a goal, and then ask your friends to pause and quit the game. In fact, it is even your victory, and at the same time, the progress of four small goals in a target group is also calculated. can yaman wife

In short, scoring, retreating and retreating 15 games can be completed by one target group. So to complete these two goal groups, you actually only need to ask your friends to withdraw 30 games. After 30 games, you can get two small nuclear bombs, and then there are many other bags.

In any mode, score 100 rubbing shots (R1 / Rb + shot).

After this is completed, it will be directly given to a non tradable small nuclear bomb, which is also a 1000 FUT 22 Coins. And as soon as you see any pattern, you understand. F95Zone

This can be achieved through friendly matches with friends, but it should not be easy to retreat. After all, you can brush dozens of rubbing shots in one game. In this way, almost two or three games will be enough.

In other words, you can get 3 non tradable small nuclear bombs by brushing the friendly competition. It was also mentioned yesterday that small nuclear bombs still have great advantages in opening services. After all, the stores haven’t sold them yet.

Even if the small nuclear bombs given by these targets are not tradable, in fact, they can open up some low-score players who are very easy to use. They don’t have to go, but the quality of the players is still very good.

These three goals are some tasks that can be done by zero krypton or small krypton players in terms of land reclamation. Take some time to brush and get the small nuclear bomb. Of course, there are still some goals. They are not very simple, but they are not difficult. It just takes some time. Basically, if we work hard during the reclamation period, we can almost achieve them.

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