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How to Create a Wedding Event Planning Timeline

How to Create a Wedding Event Planning Timeline 

Planning weddings is exciting but certainly not easy. Your very own wedding might sound like the biggest Event Planning adventure to plan. But when you sit down to do the real stuff, you will realize it’s too much on your plate. And you might want to assist with it.

If you’re an event planner and reading this, you would have perhaps felt this up close.

So, here in this article, that’s exactly what we will dissect.

Wedding planning may be challenging. But it’s certainly not impossible, especially if you do it in an organized manner. If you divide the preparation time systematically and give the required time to each aspect, you will be able to achieve all your goals without getting lost along the overwhelming journey.

So, below, you will find a complete step-by-step guide on how to create a wedding event planning timeline.

Wedding Plan Timeline Breakdown

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and the biggest change you’ll be bringing in your life. And so, we suggest giving it the time it deserves. Do not conduct this event in a haste. There’s no point getting married in six months. Or worse, three months.

Give yourself at least one whole year to plan. Doing so will give you ample time to execute your dream wedding plan without burdening yourself or compromising on other stuff.

10-12 Months Earlier: Setting Things Up

As an event planner, you need to first decide the basics. These include:

  • Budget
  • Vision
  • Style Preferences
  • Location


You ought to schedule a meeting with the team and discuss their take on the four domains mentioned above. If they haven’t decided on a budget yet, assist them in deciding it. Ensure that they do not over or underspend as that can compromise the quality of the event.

Once you have a budget in hand, acquire your client’s dream vision of a wedding. Check out what do they visualize when they say the wedding day.

As an event planner, it falls upon you to bring it to life within the specified budget. (Note: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue unrealistic aspirations.)

Enlighten and introduce them to all possible options within their budget. Both in terms of themes and locations. And let them choose with ease.

6 -8 Months Earlier: Exploring & Choosing

You’ve decided on the basics. It’s time to zoom in on the lens.

Now, help your clients’ settle for things in more specific domains, such as the trends to follow, guest hotels, and service vendors.

You will need to finalize services vendors for photographers, caterers, décor experts, florists, DJ, etc. Instead of bothering your client with every single detail, get to know their preferences and arrange vendor services accordingly.

Say they like trendy photographs. Then hire a photographer that does so, instead of a photographer who captures traditionally.

Similarly, book hotels for guests beforehand. Ask your clients if they’d like their guests here a month prior or right on time. If you get late, you may not find all the rooms in the same places. Booking late may also cost you more.

Along the same lines, if they wish to follow wedding trends like the Save-the-Date trend, then go ahead.

If they wish to have their engagement in official means, you should arrange the event about eight months earlier. For this, you may need to branch out a bit and get into engagement planning as well, such as arranging the engagement ring, venue, guest list, etc.

2- 4 Months Earlier: Arrange & Align

When the wedding is as close as only four months away, it’s time to begin arranging and aligning your plan. Some quick ways to do this is:


  • Finalize guest list
  • Finalize the menu & cake
  • Order Invitations
  • Book an appointment at the bride’s and groom’s preferred salon
  • Finalize means of transportation


This is the last benchmark of rechecking things. So, ensure that you reconfirm things with the couple before placing orders. Also, keep an alternative or backup for everything. For example, check out if other salons are available for walk-in bridal makeup services (at the relevant time).

2 Weeks Earlier: Rehearsal & Implementation

Lastly, put your plan into action. Send out invitations to the guests. Have the couple review the RSVP list and connect with those who haven’t responded yet. Make confirmations with your vendors as well. About a couple of days before the big day, conduct a rehearsal wherein everyone involved with the actual ceremony knows their part and positions.


Final Thoughts

Summing up, planning a wedding event is a huge thing. It involves several tiny aspects for which it’s almost impossible to sketch a general outline. However, with a strategic and systematic approach, it’s doable! So, abide by the timeline, and you shall succeed!

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