How to Get Music Noticed on Soundcloud?

The biggest and most significant internet music community is SoundCloud. They have changed how we perceive the distribution of music online. They offer to get SoundCloud plays musicians in the room they require for do-it-yourself music promotion.

But they also provide a tonne of other helpful tools. If you use them wisely, your project will gain more exposure and SoundCloud plays from relevant SoundCloud users.

  • The success tag
  • Include a buy link
  • Your waveform can tell a story.
  • Correct your album art
  • Before your release, discreetly distribute tracks
  • Publish your best work.
  • Without losing plays, comments, or likes, change the audio
  • Share Carefully
  • Your SoundCloud URL

They are numerous. This straightforward article will educate you on the methods that work best for expanding your audience.

The success tag

  • How are you going to get more listeners? So, tagging your music is among the greatest ways to do it.
  • When a listener searches SoundCloud, tags help them find you.
  • The better your tags, the more discoverable you are.

Being truthful is the greatest approach to tag. Set the primary genre to Drum & Bass if you created a drum & bass track. Additionally, include moods and a place in your tags. It all helps.

Include a buy link

Receiving attention and likes is pleasant. But likes and listens won’t help you get that new microphone you’ve had your eye on.

Fortunately, SoundCloud allows you to upload a “Buy” link along with your track. Simply select the “Metadata” option when uploading. Include the proper links: Purchase on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Bandcamp, or any other online music store you use.

Your waveform can tell a story

Fans can remark on your waveform on SoundCloud. But you know who else ought to be offering feedback on the waveform? YOU!

Use the waveform comments to explain your process to your audience and community. Be open and honest about the creation of your track.  Request feedback and identify particular sections.

Correct your album art

If a blog embeds your track, your artwork will be there as well. Your album art is shared along with your track when you post it on Facebook.

Wherever your music is played, it is represented via the album cover or individual track art. So, it’s quite crucial.

The artwork you’ve connected to your track needs to be notified before anyone presses play. Make it count by selecting a symbol that embodies both you and your music.

Wherever your music is played, it is represented via the album cover or individual track art.

Before your release, discreetly distribute tracks

You can post secure links to your tracks on SoundCloud. It works well for delivering incomplete tracks to collaborators, submitting demos to labels or blogs, or pitching unique content to other media sources like radio stations.

To connect with tastemakers, share a private link to give your music a personal touch and an air of exclusivity. regardless of where it goes, reflects your music.

Publish your best work

Finally, your track is finished. It took a lot of your time and effort. Finally, you’re satisfied with the sound, and you believe it is prepared for public consumption.

You then sit back and wait for those plays after clicking share. It succeeds! The song is getting some good hype, and people appear to enjoy it!

Without losing plays, comments, or likes, change the audio

Do not worry. You can change the audio on any SoundCloud upload at any moment if you have a Pro subscription. You keep all of your fans’ plays, likes, and comments. It’s ideal for distributing unfinished tracks and asking for feedback. Adjust your track in light of the criticisms and re-post whenever you like.

Sharing shouldn’t necessarily be the last word. Change the audio and incorporate sharing into your production workflow.

Share Carefully

Repost music by exciting musicians, mixes, or tracks you can’t stop listening to. Sharing other musicians and guiding your listeners to new music is a genuinely humble move that establishes authority and trust. Speak out if you overhear something!

Speak out if you overhear something! You have a community to get SoundCloud plays. Share the work of other artists on your feed to support it. You have a greater possibility of getting other artists to share your music if you do!

Your SoundCloud URL

It’s a good idea to share your newest tunes with your SoundCloud audience. Put your tracks in the public domain! Put your tracks in the public domain!

Share them on all of your marketing channels, including Facebook and Twitter. By connecting your accounts, you can also upload your tracks to all of your social media channels. To manage your Connections, you go to your Account Settings.