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How to Improve Memory and Focus With Easy Yoga Poses

How to Improve Memory and Focus With Easy Yoga Poses 

When was the last time you remembered something without taking any notes? Can you perform smaller calculations without using a calculator? Well, with so many gadgets at hand, it seems everyone has become dependent on them. It leads to minimal use of the brain. That limits the construction of neurotic patterns in your brain. One thing that you should do to have a healthier brain is to practice yoga on a regular basis. It improves your memory and focuses without any hassle.

Yoga Poses to Improve Memory and Focus

Let’s see what you should do to have a strong mind and willpower. Read on.


Balancing your body on your head pushes fresh blood to your brain. It increases the amount of oxygen in your brain that helps in the formation of new cells and neurons. These improve the thinking capabilities that help you think out of the box.

Easy Pose

One of the best poses of yoga to improve memory and focus is the Easy pose. It helps you focus better on your mind and body. Hence, you form a stronger connection with your inner being. Furthermore, practicing the Easy pose harness more energy in the base of your spine.

Plow Pose

The placement of your neck in the Plow pose is in alignment with your heart. Hence, it not just increase the flow of blood to your brain but also increases your flexibility. Furthermore, practicing the Plow pose stretches your neck muscles for better control of your head.

Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend is an essential yoga pose to improve memory and focus. It releases stress that creates space for important things in your mind. Hence, you are able to remember more things that otherwise might have gotten erased because your mind was too much stressed.

The above-mentioned were just some simple pose of yoga to improve your memory and focus. In case you want to learn more, you should join a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India. That way, you get to explore more yoga elements to have the best yoga learning experience.

Meditation & Breathing Exercises

As far as physical asanas are important, meditation and breathing techniques play an equally significant role in improving your focus, memory, and attention span. Let’s explore these yogic practices in brief. Read on.

Mindfulness Meditation

The art of being present in the moment is known as being mindful. Hence, when you practice mindfulness meditation, you become conscious of whatever is going on inside and outside your body. It plays a major role in knowing your thought process. Thus, practicing mindfulness meditation boosts your memory by removing mental clutter without any hassle.


When you imagine things in a particular order, it means your practice visualization. Thus, the art of consciously imagining things is termed visualization. When you practice visualization, you train your mind to look for a particular dimensional reality. That leads to better imagination, memory, creative thinking, and so much more.

Anulom Vilom

It is one of the best breathing exercises to improve memory and focus. All you have to do is to alternately breathe from your nostrils. For that, you use your hand to create a barrier in front of one nostril while breathing in and out of the second. It helps in silencing your mind, calming your senses, and making you mindful. Hence, you should always practice this with meditation practice for better results.

Box Breathing

One of the most beneficial breathing techniques that are simple and most effective is box breathing. All you have to do is to breathe in and out for equal intervals of time. That is, if you are breathing in for four seconds, you should hold that breath for four seconds before exhaling for fours seconds. Repeat this for a number of sets until you feel relaxed and at peace.

Anyone can practice the above-mentioned yoga poses, meditation techniques, and breathing exercises. In case you want to learn more, you should join a 300 hour yoga teacher training in India. There you’ll come across advanced yogic exercises to boost your memory and focus.

Wrap Up

The art of yoga is not just for physical well-being but also for mental fitness. Just be consistent with your practice to have long-lasting and faster results. In turn, you gain a strong mind, flexible body, and peaceful soul.

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