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How To Paint Or Repaint Wood Furniture

How To Paint Or Repaint Wood Furniture 

About Paint: What to do if you want to update your dacha cabinet or your hand doesn’t rise to throw out your old grandmother’s console? Of course, the first thing that suggests itself is to give things dear to the heart to a professional, and he himself will decide how to restore old furniture so that it looks like a real retro – soundly and dignified. Unfortunately, there are not many experts who know how to age furniture and preserve its charm. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then it is worth trying to master the art of restoration with the help of master classes, which provide many practical recommendations.

How to repaint furniture

First of all, we go to the store and purchase the following materials:

  • spatula, grinder, two types of sandpaper (coarse and soft);
  • masking tape, a container for paint, a set of brushes, a paint roller;
  • sprayer (if you have to process a large area);
  • protective glasses;
  • solvent for degreasing;
  • latex gloves;
  • putty;
  • water-based varnishes;
  • acrylic or water-based paint.

To begin with, the furniture must be carefully examined, to identify all defects. If the cabinet is large, then it is better to dismantle it, it is easier to paint over individual parts.

Removing the old coating, or how to update old polished furniture

First, you need to put the furniture in order: wash it with a sponge dipped in washing powder. Dry thoroughly with paper towels. There are three ways to remove the old varnish coating:

  • mechanical. You will need a sander and a wide spatula. From hard-to-reach places, the varnish will help to remove a screwdriver with a flat tip.
  • chemical. You need to purchase special washes. But this is one of the safest ways to remodel old polished furniture, without the big expense. The composition must be applied to the surface, and after the time indicated in the instructions, remove with a spatula or coarse sandpaper.
  • thermal. The construction hair dryer does an excellent job of removing old varnish.

How to paint lacquered furniture without removing the varnish

It is unlikely that a good result will be obtained by vonhaus discount code, but if you need to transform the headset and you are aware that something may go wrong, then conduct an experiment on furniture that you do not mind ruining. The technology is basically the same as described above. The only thing we miss is nail polish removal. We degrease the surface very carefully. Then we cover with a layer of a special adhesive primer, which should firmly adhere to the previous coating. Of course, such a primer is quite expensive. When it dries up, apply white paint in three layers. Well, and the final touch – we change the fittings for more sophisticated ones. Now you know how to paint old furniture white – as you can see, it’s pretty simple. The main thing is to choose a primer and paint of a proven brand.

A lot of work, but the result is worth it if you like antique wood furniture. If you want your bedroom to delight you with coziness and a pleasant microclimate, give preference to natural materials. You can choose a bed made of natural wood in the K’L en online store – you will find many interesting solutions in the assortment.

How to arrange furniture in a small room

Small living space in modern apartments is not uncommon. Often a modest footage leads the owners into a stupor, forcing them to abandon some of the pieces of furniture. However, this is not at all necessary, even a small footage is not a sentence for arranging a functional and attractive interior for all family members. You just need to correctly arrange all the necessary interior items. Next, we share the rules and interesting ideas on how to place furniture in a small room.

The correct color of the walls is the basis for a harmonious interior of a small bedroom

The design of a bedroom in an apartment begins with the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling. When decorating a small bedroom, it is better not to use bright colors and complex geometric patterns. The right choice: pastel shades and primitive ornamentation.

Visually vertical patterns on the walls will make the room taller, they will also visually raise the ceilings.

The design of a small room with an asymmetrical narrow and long shape looks great with horizontal patterns. Wallpaper with large ornaments on one wall, alternating with monochromatic ones on the opposite, looks interesting.

It is better to choose the color of the floor in contrast to the color of the furniture elements. As a floor covering, experts advise choosing a laminate or parquet with a diagonal pattern – this contributes to the visual expansion of the area.

We carry out the layout of a compact bedroom

It is better to draw up a plan for the arrangement of furniture in a miniature bedroom before renovation, since the location of doorways and sockets plays an important role. It is advisable to avoid placing the bed directly opposite the door, as well as placing it by the window.

Also, the layout of a room, even with the smallest dimensions, should provide for the presence of passages – between the wardrobe and the bedside table, along the perimeter of the bed, etc. Comfortable width – 70 cm. In the case of strict economy of free space, it is allowed to reduce them to 45-60 cm.

Tips for arranging furniture in a small bedroom

To make the interior of a small bedroom look harmonious, you need to follow the designer’s main recommendations for arranging furniture. Below we have compiled a small selection of the most important tips on how to equip a small bedroom.

  • All furniture should not be wide, but high. Choosing, for example, a wardrobe, it is better to stay on narrow models up to the ceiling. The design of a small room with his presence will be as successful as possible.
  • Opt for a functional computer desk – narrow but full of shelves with a pull-out stand.
  • Think up the location of several hanging shelves in the room. They will become a convenient storage place and will not overload the interior.
  • The TV can be placed on the wall. This will get rid of the bedside table and thereby save free space.
  • In a room with small dimensions, it is recommended to install sliding doors that open in both directions. They take up 2 times less space than standard ones. And also, in comparison with accordion doors, they are characterized by excellent sound insulation.

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