How to relax in bath six useful tips


We have direct knowledge of how a bath soothes the body and mind after a long day, aids relaxation, and even improves skin condition. And the weekend is a fantastic time to do it, especially if it’s chilly outside and you don’t want to leave the apartment. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance: doctors advise you to follow simple recommendations in order to get the maximum benefit from water procedures, and not harm your body. We have collected 5 tips on how to properly take a bath useful tips.

Bath caddy 


Do you really enjoy relaxing in the bath? Then we strongly recommend you to purchase a caddy tray. This delightful and useful device will become your indispensable assistant! You can place aromatic oils, candles, put a book or tablet, and a glass of wine on the tray. Take a closer look at bath caddies from Royal Craft Wood ( – many buyers appreciate their excellent quality and modern functional design useful tips.

Keep track of water temperature


Experts advise buying a special water thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water in the bath. The average should be 34-38 degrees – this bath is perfect for relaxing, improving sleep quality and relaxing muscles after a workout. You need to lie in the bath for no longer than 20 minutes – after this time, it will not only not bring any benefit, but may even be harmful. This is incomplete both for the skin, which loses a lot of moisture, and for the heart, which finds it difficult to be in warm water for a long time.

Add sea salt


The best thing that can be added to water is, perhaps, salt, and it is sea salt. It contains a large amount of minerals that have a positive effect on our body. Thanks to them, salt can improve the condition of the joints, and also create a light scrub effect, which will make the skin softer and prepare it for further application of various products – they are much better absorbed after a salt bath.

Bath bombs


Bath bombs are a real hit in recent years. We constantly see stories on Instagram where they hiss and dissolve in water, giving it an unusual color and texture. When buying a bomb, carefully study its composition: there should not be artificial dyes and a lot of chemical additives, otherwise your skin will absorb all this. But in the bath foam there is no sense at all, except for a pleasant smell – in addition, it is not very useful for the skin, because it dries it even faster useful tips.

Essential oils


Essential oils not only give a pleasant smell, but can also positively affect our body. For example, the aroma of lavender helps with headaches, and when absorbed into the skin, it gives a slight analgesic effect – which is especially important for women on critical days. And the smell of eucalyptus helps with respiratory diseases – fumes from a bath with eucalyptus treat a runny nose and cough.

Original recipes


Many take a bath in very strange ways. For example, we know perfectly well that Cleopatra often lay in a bath of milk. This is not surprising: milk contains a large amount of vitamins and microelements: for example, vitamins B, E, which improve skin condition and have a rejuvenating effect. Therefore, adding milk to water is really beneficial.