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How to Set Up a VoIP Phone System for a Small Business
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How to Set Up a VoIP Phone System for a Small Business 

No matter the size of your business. Your business needs a communication medium so the employees can communicate with their clients. A business needs to have a phone system. Many companies are using the old landline phone system. It was old and traditional and slow. In this modern world, we need modern techniques that work without any disturbance. Therefore, if you are looking for a business phone that works without any disturbance then your company should switch to a VoIP phone system. For a small business, it’s perfect and very easy to use.

What is a VoIP phone system?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone system is a modern technology that emerged in the 1990s. It is a technology that channels phone calls through digital packets. Therefore, this phone system has progressed in these modern days and every company is using this technology to grow their business and attract more customers.

How Does it Work?

The VoIP phone system works like a machine that converts voice (analog signals) into digital signals with the help of the internet. Data packet travels via the internet and then they are converted and connected to the receiver. If you want to switch the old traditional phone to new modern VoIP phone services. Then you should choose it. It will easily make your business more secure and more successful.

Why Do We Need VoIP?

VoIP is the best option for business phone services. It will easily make your business more effective. If your company is using the services of VoIP then there is a question that comes into our mind that what is a VoIP caller? Therefore, the person who does use the services to call is a VoIP caller. These services are key to success and if you want to grow your business you should use them.

Advantages of VoIP

Before committing to a business service you should have all the knowledge of the service and all its advantages so you could easily decide which services to use.


It is one of the primary advantages of VoIP. Especially using cloud PBX we don’t need to maintain the server we don’t need any maintenance. This system is very integrated you can use the VoIP service with any device that uses the service of the internet. A small business that has an internet phone system can easily help you compete with the big bulls of the industry.

Disadvantages of VoIP

Must have a reliable Internet connection

If the company is using VoIP services then it should at least have a fast and reliable internet connection using the internet connection occasional outages are inevitable. However, these outages can come in the form of lost power or an internet connection. therefore, Traditional landlines can work during power outages whereas, VoIP services don’t work properly.

How to Set Up VoIP?

If you are looking to upgrade your landline phones to VoIP. You are in the right direction because using VoIP supply can easily help your business. therefore, the platform is very easy to install you don’t need an IT expert and you don’t any certification as well.

Choose a New Number

Activating the VoIP services on a new phone is very easy and instant. However, VoIP service is very modern and can be integrated with any old system. Therefore, porting a phone number involves transferring your existing phone number to a new provider. This process usually takes a week. If a company want a series of number they can easily port them In a batch.

Add Users to your Phone System

Users enable employees to log into the VoIP phone portal to manage their phone calls, message and voice mail greeting, hold music, and other settings. Therefore, a company can easily give the users access so the system can be secured from hackers.

Create a Call flow

The best part of having a custom VoIP phone system is that you can easily control the flow of calls. Therefore, a company can create a custom phone call menu where the caller will be greeted with a welcome message. Custom voice mail messages can be installed on the phone system. You can make custom hold music so the customer can hear something nice while waiting for the call.

Integrate with other Application

It is a unique and best way to use the facility of VoIP system. there are many applications available that use the technology of VoIP phone system services. If the employee wants to work remotely then they can use this feature to work for the office.


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