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How to start a conversation on LinkedIn complete guide?

How to start a conversation on LinkedIn complete guide? 

When someone accepted your request to connect on LinkedIn, it is the perfect moment to begin a conversation. Isn’t it?

In this article, we will look at the ways to start a conversation and build good relationships with your connection.

Introduce yourself

Introducing yourself is the first thing you must be doing and do not overthink about presenting yourself too deeply.

Just introduce yourself in a simple yet professional manner with a personalized message and tell them why you want to connect with them in the first place.

In case you have met this person before at any networking event, you should not leave it unmentioned. It will refresh their memory and might be a fantastic way to have a two-way conversation.

Emphasize things you have in common

An ideal way to get to know someone is to understand if you have anything in common. This will make it easier to continue the conversation.

You could ask them about the job type, work culture they would like to be a part of, about their skills, accomplishments, etc.

Get to know about the projects they have worked on too and the tools they use to make it easier.

While trying to understand what you have in common, do not restrict your discussion to your work, you could talk about something outside of work too, such as getting to know about hobbies.

The more you have in common, the more the chances are to build a strong connection.


Offer your support

Now that you know what they are into, this is the point where you can suggest your ideas too.

For example, if the person is working on an email marketing campaign, struggling to find an email address and that is affecting their ability to build an email list quickly.

You could help by suggesting the names of email lookup tools such as,

Here is a tip for you.

How to find an email address?

Email finder tools like use artificial intelligence to find an email address.

You need to have the full name and company name of your prospects. The tool will process this information to give you the accurate email address format.

So, that makes it easy to find an email address.

When you share such valuable information with your connection, they will value your contact and surely develop respect towards you and start counting on you for the best advice.

Do not ask for favors

When you ask for favors from your connection the time you just started to build rapport with, it could turn them off.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to not ask for favors during the initial period of your interaction, especially in your first message.

First concentrate on building a good relationship with them.

And in case, if the favor is going to benefit them as well, then you may talk about it. But this is exceptional.

Unless it is going to be mutually beneficial to you both, wait to establish a strong trustworthy bond with them.

I hope you agree with this.

Final thoughts

With the tips shared in this article, you would be able to start conversion even with a new connection on LinkedIn.

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