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Important Reasons Why You Actually Need a Domain Registrar for Domain Name Registration

Important Reasons Why You Actually Need a Domain Registrar for Domain Name Registration 

If you are running a business based on eCommerce, then you must have a website to grow your business. Your business is completely dependent on the online presence of your website as it attracts more visitors to your website. Apart from the online presence, you need an attractive domain name to have the visitors identify your website. Furthermore, a domain name shows the visitors the way to your website and tells them what you are doing. To register your domain name, a good and reliable domain registrar is essential.

It is possible to run your website only with an IP address. Nevertheless, an IP address is a series of numbers, which is not easy to remember. In addition, if you want to change the registrar, the IP address will also change. For domain registration, you need a registrar, who is authorized to register domains.

If you want to buy a domain, you need to undergo a process. There are large registries that control different top-level domains. They are very large and centralized databases, which hold data or information about which domain names have been taken and who have bought them. However, these registries do not sell the domain names directly; instead, they allocate that job to accredited DNS registrars.

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Register your domain with a reliable registrar

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has made it mandatory to have any domain registration done through an authorized registrar. To become a registrar, one should get certification from ICANN. For this, the applicant needs to pass certain tests and follow strict guidelines put forward by ICANN. Therefore, one can do domain registration only through authorized registrars.

By having your domain name registration, your domain will be mapped to the current IP address of your website. This will help you update your IP address when you change the hosting provider. Nevertheless, IP addresses are specifically connected to a particular hosting company or an internet service provider. When you change the service provider, the IP address will also change, but the domain name will remain constant until you renew it timely.

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Some benefits of seeking the assistance of good registrars

As mentioned above, a domain name is very important for your website to attract visitors, so choose your domain name carefully. A registrar can assist you in selecting your domain name through a domain name search tool. With this tool, you can find if the selected domain name is available or not. They can also help you find the right extension based on your requirement.

Apart from helping you select a name, they also send you timely information, emails, and updates for renewing your domain, which will help you save you domain from losing.

Registrars are responsible for uploading the personal details of each domain owner in the TLD servers. These records give complete information about the servers used for an individual domain.

Hence, to register a domain, find a registrar that can provide you the best services at reasonable prices. Ensure that the registrar does not charge you extra for registering your details on the registry. Uploading your details on the registry on time is mandatory for every registrar.

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