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Why install Metal Stairs over concrete stairs in 2021?
Home Improvement

Why install Metal Stairs over concrete stairs in 2021? 

Are you searching for a staircase material that can give strength, elegance, and beauty to your new home? Well, if that is so, then your search ends here. With this article, we have come up with a solution to the confusion between metal stairs and concrete stairs. 

A staircase is among the most important structure decisions which can make the building look good or bad. But, many people get confused about choosing one material between metal or concrete. Both metal stairs and concrete stairs have different looks, strength, durability, and versatility. Metal stairs look good when you want a lightweight design while concrete stairs provide more strength. Steel does not warp or rot, or else, get affected by the vagaries of weather. It is sturdy, it is available in multiple designs, and it gives you the best value for money, whether you install it for your home or office. 

Before heading towards the different points, you must know that the most used metal in the case of metal stairs is steel. Steel stairs promise a more beautiful and elegant look in the case of the staircase. 

Therefore, steel stairs are more in trend in today’s time. 

Strength and Durability

Steel stairs and concrete stairs both are strong materials and durable. Steel is hardy, it can be cleaned and maintained well, and you can also customise steel stair options depending on the space available in your rooms. Concrete can give you composite strength, but the lack of tensile strength makes steel stairs more suitable. Steel stairs are durable as well. It can resist corrosion and is much stronger than concrete stairs. 

Design Adaptability

Design adaptability is the major reason for choosing steel stairs over concrete stairs. Steel stairs are flexible and can be moulded as per your dreamy design. These designs also include spirals and circular. While concrete on the other hand is not flexible and serves only the basic function of the staircase. This material does not provide accuracy in shape and design. This is the reason that steel stairs are now prominent in residential and commercial buildings, while concrete stairs are prominent in hospitals. 


Maintenance of steel stairs and concrete stairs is easy. The dirt from steel stairs can be removed with a pressured washer and to prevent it from corrosion, galvanization can be done. If steel is powder coated, then the best option to clean the stairs is moping. You can simply use cotton cloth and liquid soap and water to wipe the dirt out from the steel railings and the staircase. It is unique and there is no breakage or crack on the surface. 


In terms of sustainability, both materials are sustainable. It is completely recyclable and can be used again and again. With recycling, the quality, strength, and durability are not compromised. On the other hand, concrete material is crushed and can be reused.

Cost Involved

The cost involved in the steel is much cheaper than concrete. But, if we consider sustainability, reliability, and maintenance of steel stairs it becomes almost inexpensive. The labour cost involved in this material is much lower than concrete material. 


When it comes to a choice between metal and concrete stairs for residence, then the obvious winner would be metal stairs. Metal or steel have the best potential for design adaptability, maintenance, and sustainability. However, concrete are not bad. This type of material should be used in a fire-exit staircase because it is fire resistant. It is a strong material which is durable also. You can now choose a host of designs that are available online or get them from the interior designers who can create the best designs for your home. 

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