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Interior design packet: What is it, and why do you need one?
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Interior design packet: What is it, and why do you need one? 

Before you sign up for an interior designing project, it is very important that you make your client understand what exactly they should expect from you. This is where an interior designing packet comes into action. By sending your client an interior design welcome packet, you will be able to help your client understand your goals and objectives. You will also be able to develop a sense of understanding with your clients which, in turn, is going to help you a lot while you are working with them. So, let us the what an interior designing welcome packet is all about.

What is an interior designing packet?

An interior designing welcome packet will help you to smoothly carry out your designing process. It consists of everything that your clients require to know about you before they hire you for their project. It will also make your client aware of how your interior designing process works and what should be the ultimate outcome. The Best Interior Designers in Bangalore always provide a welcome pack to the client for a better understanding of their works. So, let us see what are things should be included in an interior designing welcome packet.

What should you include in your interior designing packet?

The content of an interior designing welcome pack may vary from company to company but there are some things that you should include to create a really good image of yourself in front of your clients.

Welcome letter:

Your interior designing package should come with a quick note introducing your business to your clients. You should also describe the use of the interior designing package in the note itself. Also mention the goals and values of your business and how you expect to work with your client. Make it a point to sign the notes personally to give it a personal touch team.


Next, you need to give a brief idea about your interior designing company. It is a very good way to introduce your client to your team. You should also give a brief note on each and every member of your team along with their contact details. This is another very good way of making your clients aware of what you are up to. So, if you want to be among the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore, you must provide your clients with an overview of your company.

Designing process:

As an interior designer, you can share your entire designing process with your clients so that they have a clear idea of every single stage of the process. And break down your entire project into multiple steps and outline what happens in each of the steps. You can also give a timeframe so that the clients have an idea of how long you are going to take to complete their project. 

The steps may include understanding your client’s goals, planning and designing, implementation, etc. You can also design different steps for different types of projects including rebuilding, renovation, new projects, etc.

Service page:

It is also quite important for you to provide your clients with a detail of all the services that you offer. This may include interior decoration, interior designing, renovation and much more. You can also include the pricing of each of these services. In case your client has already confirmed what service he/she requires from you, then you can highlight that particular service for better clarity.

Contact information:

It is very important for you to include the contact information page where everything related to the contact will be specified. The contact information page should speak about all the ways by which your client will be able to contact you. It should also include the business opening hours and the preferred method of contact.

Designing questionnaire:

Before you start with your project, you need to understand what your client wants. A very good way to understand your clients is to provide them with an interior design questionnaire. This can either be provided in printed version or you can provide a link of the questionnaire to the clients with directions on how exactly they are going to fill them.


You can also provide some of the past client’s testimonials to your client who along with your interior designing pack. This will provide your clients with a positive outlook. They will also start to believe in you and they will be more eager to continue the project work with you. You can also prepare a website for your company where you can display all your testimonials.


Next comes the terms and conditions. It is a very good idea to include some of your terms and conditions in your welcome packet itself. This will help the clients to understand what you are actually going to offer to them. Your terms and conditions can highlight the preferred payment method, cancellation terms and much more.

And this was all about the interior design welcome pack. All the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore have a welcome pack that they provide to the clients before the commencement of the project. So, if you want to further expand your business and achieve all your business goals, then it is quite important that you dsign an interior designing welcome pack for yourself.

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