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Is Google AdSense Worth it | Can You Still Make Money

Is Google AdSense Worth it | Can You Still Make Money 

Every content creator struggles to make his/her content visible on the internet. A person with less or no knowledge of advertising over the internet might need someone to guide him or do the advertising work for him. AdSense makes this work easier for the user. With Google AdSense, you do not need to worry about your advertising needs, as it does everything for you. Is Google Adsense Worth it?

Google AdSense

 Features Provided By Google Adsense 

  1. Google AdSense ensures that your ad reaches the maximum number of people when you build a site on the web.
  2. It makes more relevant ads visible and leads to the creation of more money consequently for the content creator. 
  3. It comes with built-in color palettes and allows you to create up to 100 palettes of your own so that you can customize your ad. 
  4. The channels of AdSense let you know which page and domains are creating the most number of clicks for you. Consequently, you can assign various channels to your domains according to the results they provide. 
  5. You have the facility to utilize up to 50 channels, and you can even deactivate them according to your choice. 
  6. There are different formats of ads provided to the user by Google, ranging from buttons to banners, with various styles and sizes to choose from. 
  7. There is also a provision of ads in the form of images, which can come in the forms of Leader boards, Skyscrapers, Medium rectangles, etc. You can add text to your images and make them more effective. 
  8. You can create ads that provide charity to institutions.
  9. It comes with reports for the users based on their interactions and other related information, which you can even download for further reference. 
  10. It is an easy and efficient way of earning money with many audiences and a large platform. 

 Features Overview

Google AdSense is the largest platform for anyone that is trying to go into the online advertising arena. It comes with a pay-per-click advertising system. According to your ad and your business, it reaches a wide audience and targets the required audience. 

But some people might wonder, is Google AdSense worth it? 

Of course, it is a matter of concern, as a person has to ensure maximum benefits for his business. Therefore, one needs to be sure about the usability and efficiency of Google AdSense before lightening his/her pocket. 

Moreover, many people also use bing ads that also offers many features to its users. By using Bing ads coupon, you can get a much exciting deal on your advertising campaign. Additionally, if you any bing ads $100 coupon, you will get $100 off. 

Therefore, we will now read about the advantages and disadvantages of Google AdSense to decide whether it is the perfect choice for you or not.

Pros And Cons Of Using Google Adsense


  • Using your website, Google AdSense allows you to generate an income source with the help of your ads. 
  • It customizes your ads according to the devices so that they can be visible on desktops and mobile phones. 
  • It is completely free to use, which makes it an even better option with its features and wide scope that comes for free. 
  • The number of advertisers that are working with Google AdSense is quite large. This way, your ad can reach the targeted audience irrespective of their age, occupation, gender, etc. 
  • As every individual is familiar with the name of Google as a giant internet solutions platform, Google-based ads are, of course, of the highest quality.
  • All the ads shown on your website match the content or the items presented on your website, making it a homogenous atmosphere. This increases the likeability of your site by the visitors. 
  • You choose the ads displayed on your website, and the link embedded in them is also of your choice solely. 
  • The design and customization of the ads are completely in your hands, and you can make your website look super dynamic. 
  • You receive monthly payments for the ads displayed on your website if you earn $100 or more per month. It can be a great source of income.
  • It can turn out to be a good business opportunity for you as, with time, the traffic on your website grows and your content reaches more audience, making the scope of earnings wider for you. 

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  • We do not reveal to you the percentage of money we receive from advertising.
  • Google AdSense is said to make a lot of money from advertising, but its users receive only a small percentage of that income.
  • If there is some kind of error or mistake on your side, you are prone to a lifetime ban from the platform of Google AdSense. 
  • It is very little, or no traffic received from social and traffic exchanges. 
  • Once you register the name and country of the payee, you do not have the chance to change or alter it. 
  • Google AdSense can sometimes adversely affect the speed of your website.
  • The privacy factor is compromised with Google AdSense as there is continuous tracking of your website and its information. 

Thus, we have read about the advantages and disadvantages of Google AdSense, and we know that it is a great earning and advertising platform with some loopholes. Yet, if you decide in favour of Google AdSense, the following steps can guide you on how you can use it for your advertising purposes.

  1. Connect the website you have created for your business on the internet with Google AdSense. Create an account on Google AdSense by giving the basic information such as name, country, email, etc. 
  2. Enter the information regarding your payment methods and cards, bank details, etc. 
  3. Choose the ad placements of your preference. 
  4. Create ads according to your customization and run them on your website’s platform. 

 Final Conclusion: Is Google Adsense Worth It?

Using Google AdSense is an easy and effective way of advertising as well as earning money through advertisements. It is free to use and thus generates business without investment. Though it comes with a set of problems that can cause trouble to the user, it is an amazing platform for those looking for online income generation methods.

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