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Is There the Best Stress Ball for Anxiety?

Is There the Best Stress Ball for Anxiety? 

We often get stressed while performing critical tasks, giving presentations, meeting strict deadlines, financial crises, managing home, office, and family. Demanding routines and social obligations can leave us all consumed that impacts our physical and mental well-being Stress Ball. 

Moderate stress is normal and is necessary to give us that push to perform well. However, it becomes a cause of concern when this turns chronic in nature. This is because it results in excess release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream which can result in anxiety issues. 

Although it’s always best to consult a medical professional if excess stress results in anxiety issues. However, usual stress due to routine tasks is managed using various relaxation techniques. One of the commonly used techniques to relieve stress is using stress balls. 

Stress balls are fidget toys that are squeezed and released to help relax the muscle tension, reduce stress, and anxiety. 

Some of the high-quality stress balls are made of various materials like gel, foam, clay, and slime and come in different sizes and intensities to fit your needs. 

Do Stress Balls Work For Anxiety? 

 One of the commonly asked questions about stress balls is ‘Do stress balls help with anxiety?’. Well, there are numerous studies suggesting the effectiveness of stress balls in relieving stress and anxiety. For instance, researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University have found that minor distractions with fidget toys like stress balls help in improving productivity, improving concentration, and feeling relieved. 

Similarly, it was found that the squeeze and release motion of the stress balls helped patients in relieving stress during surgery. 

Also, in a study done with sixth-graders, children with ADHD were found to feel calm as they used stress balls while studying in the classroom and improved their concentration levels. 

Is there a Best Stress Ball for Anxiety? 

The following is a list of some of the best stress balls for anxiety. 

1. Lavender Luvies Lavender Scented Stress Ball

These are soft stress balls that are scented and smell of lavender. Lavender with its anti-stress properties helps you to calm down as you squeeze these stress balls between your fingers. 

These are made of lycra fabric on the inside and have dried lavender in their core. Thus, the more you squeeze to relax, the more lavender fragrance it produces to help you calm down. 

2. IMPRESA Stress Relief Balls

 These are BPA and latex-free stress balls that are made of thermoplastic rubber. Thus, any amount of squeeze and release makes them come back to their original shape. Further, these are tear-resistant, long-lasting stress balls that help to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Additionally, they are also helpful in improving concentration levels in children suffering from OCD and ADHD. 


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3. Isoflex Hand Therapy and Exercise Ball

 Isoflex hand therapy stress balls are all you need for dealing with anxiety issues in both children and adults. The beads inside these stress balls help you to do away with stress and anxiety by simply squeezing and releasing these stress balls.


Further, these come in packs of two with one in solid color and the other having a marbleized texture. Also, apart from providing relief from stress and anxiety, these are also used to improve focus, deal with arthritis pain and carpal tunnel symptoms, manage kids with autism and ADHD, strengthen hand and forearm muscles. 

4. Argh Giant Stress Ball

These are gel stress balls that help you relax and provide relief from stress and anxiety. The stress balls have gel in their core while the outer layer is made of rubber that helps you to squeeze the stress ball with ease. 

The best part about these squeeze balls is that they change colors as you squeeze and smash them. Thus, these act as one of the best fidget toys to help people do away with anxiety and stress. Additionally, these also help children with ADD, ADHD, and autism to release stress and improve focus. 

5. Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

 These are high-quality stress balls that are made out of dual-colored fabric on the outside and pack a tear-resistant gel on the inside. Due to the double-colored fabric, these stress balls blend both physical and color therapy. 


As you squeeze and release these stress balls, they take back their original shape, providing you relief from stress and anxiety. Also, these stress balls help to increase concentration in children suffering from OCD and ADHD. Not only this, the squeeze and release motion of these stress balls help people to manage carpal tunnel symptoms and arthritis pain. 


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