Island War Game Review

Island War

To assault rival islands, players in Island War can pick from a range of soldiers. You’ll have to work hard to find new units. That can cooperate to sneak into enemy bases and fill specific combat tasks. You can also discover powerful friends and strengthen your army to better protect your island.


In the world of Island War, the player will be able to seize islands that are separate from the main continent. From that point on, it will be up to you to explore a number of islands. Go over a number of enemy defenses in order to collect the resources you need to build your island.

You will create an army with a wide range of characteristics when each island defense in this game has distinctive attributes.

Your army uses its force to conquer other islands as it initially just uses swords. Although you won’t be able to affect the outcome of their conflict, you will be the one to observe it. As a result, you can prepare the squads and upgrade them prior to the conflict. The update procedure is straightforward to design, but it will consume resources from many players.


You can see the structures on the opposing island and the ships carrying your soldiers. on the Island War screen’s top. They will quickly emerge and land when you click on it. to continually attack the buildings and men of the enemy. The game is over when one team is eliminated. You also receive gold and resources, allowing you to keep improving your strength.

The upgrade process in this game is straightforward if you are the one who matches two related types of troops to get a bigger number of stars. If, for instance, two sword-wielding units have an equal number of stars, you can transfer one unit back to where the other one was.

Because certain islands have defenses in place to prevent player penetration, you can assemble a stronger squad.


In addition to assembling an army in Island War, you must build your island and increase its defense. Defense statistics will be accessible when you build or add new components. The addition of long-range attack archers will help you take on a variety of challenging island types. New troop types will also become available to you at this time. With the money you earn collectively, you can also spin additional cards in the game.

These cards will appear out of nowhere, and each time they are opened, the price will increase. You may also have access to more powerful cards and rarer cards if you’re lucky. You’ll be able to find more ships as a result to transfer your troops.


The first mission of the game is a journey of conquest to several islands, where you’ll encounter a variety of foes and constructions that you can attack and take materials from.


There are a tonne of different stages that range in difficulty, and they all need you to upgrade your team.

You also get a tiny island on which you can erect a defense with a choice of soldiers.

Because you may combine two identical troops to create stronger minions or unlock more soldiers, upgrading is a straightforward process.

Using the money you have, you’ll open the soldiers’ cards in the hopes that one of them has a useful card that can be of help to you.

Download and Installation Guidelines

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