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We Need A Reason: How And Where To Wear A Jumpsuit

We Need A Reason: How And Where To Wear A Jumpsuit 

When you want everything at once, but not a dress or a suit, we vote for the jumpsuit. With this piece of clothing, a stylish look can be folded in a couple of minutes. Where to go in such an outfit depends on your mood. This overalls used to be considered a work uniform, but now it is appropriate everywhere and always!

To work

Here is a good alternative to a trouser suit. Of course, there are models with a closed top, but we recommend taking a white tank top jumpsuit with straps and wearing a shirt or top under it. So there are more combinations, and the image as a whole looks more interesting. Low-heeled shoes, moccasins, and sneakers are suitable for this.

To the walk

It seems that you can wear anything for a walk. In fact, rest in the city or in nature has its own dress code, and its name is safety. For trips in transport and a picnic on the grass, a moderately closed jumpsuit made of breathable material is optimal: in this, your skin will be protected from dust, sunlight and aggressive environmental influences.

To the party

Dancefloor stars have not worn short dresses for a long time. Their choice is sporty chic and total comfort. A jumpsuit with stripes will be a good choice for any event, because it can be worn not only with sneakers, but also with evening sandals, and it also looks great with trendy jewelry – massive earrings, bracelets and necklaces.


A light romper (the so-called jumpsuit, in which the legs are in length resemble shorts) is a thing in which it is really comfortable. Soft and breathable viscose, neutral print and adjustable shoulder straps will allow you to comfortably spend hours of summer leisure in your apartment or in the country. You can also take such a jumpsuit on vacation and wear it to the beach.

How To Wear a Jumper With a Shirt For Women

So that the combination of elements does not look boring or awkward, you need to know the answers to several key questions.

  1. Should I hide my shirt collar or not?

No. However, it is worth choosing the right things. Models with small neat collars look harmonious with round small necks, and under products with a V-neck – with large ones, which are not necessary to hide.

Stand-up collars like turtlenecks don’t go well with shirts. Therefore, you should either choose a product with a large neckline, or use a different item of clothing.

  • Do I have to tuck my shirt in?

Not if you are smart casual. In this case, you can tuck in only the back or front part or release the entire hem over the skirt, trousers. In this case, the shirt itself can be quite voluminous, and the sleeves should be rolled up.

How to match things by color?

Juicy colors are in trend, with which you can even make office bows. A plain shirt, possibly with a small print, goes under a bright pullover . And vice versa: bright models should be combined with discreet jumpers.

The classic combination “black and white” remains in trend, and the ensemble “white and white” is no less popular. But in the latter case, you need to carefully monitor the whiteness of things so that they do not look worn out. For example, to create a snow-white bow, you can choose products with a shimmering finish or an expressive knitted texture to make the look even more interesting.

  • How to wear a shirt under a cropped jumper?

The optimal solution is a free model that does not tuck into trousers or a skirt. Be sure to roll up your sleeves or choose cropped sleeves.

  • What thickness and size should the pullover be?

Most often, knitted models of medium thickness are used to draw up bows, which do not fit the figure too much and are not overtly oversized. Under a thin women’s jumper, you should wear a shirt without voluminous cuffs and buttons, which will make the image sloppy. And youth sweatshirts go well with denim.

Three fashionable looks with a shirt and a jumper

No. 1. For the office

If you want to move away from traditional office sets, get a cropped jumper for women with a shirt in nude tones, as well as dress pants or a pencil skirt. Pumps will help complete the look.

No. 2. For a walk or meeting with friends

To feel comfortable, you can wear loose-fitting trousers or jeans, complement them with a denim shirt and a cardigan of a suitable color. It can be milky white or rich bright color. Moccasins or ballet flats are suitable for your feet.

No. 3. For a romantic meeting

Pleated midi skirts remain in fashion, which go well with white loose shirts and knitted sweaters. Boots or Cossacks will look good with them.

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