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LiberSpaces plans to actively support indie game developers on GooglePlay

LiberSpaces plans to actively support indie game developers on GooglePlay 

Many of the world’s largest tech businesses began with simply one idea, and with the aid of the free resources to make that concept a reality, founders have been in a position to take it to the subsequent level. The main issues are budget limitations and an insufficient number of people working on the project. Indie game developers facing a lot of difficulties trying to turn their passion into a business.

Any game developed without publisher support can be considered an indie game. It does not mean it was developed by a single person. If a game was developed by a single person then it will fail at some aspects for sure. The developer has to be a programmer with good graphic design skills and able to find free resources for his game. After he finishes his game new role coming – a Digital Marketing Expert. His competitors are people who do Digital Marketing for living and they are 24/7 into that. So how can an indie developer beat each process alone while whole teams work on those processes? The answer is simple, he must do a really good job. If his game is really good then he has the first and only condition fulfilled.

One-man army solution

A “one-man army” indie game developer is someone who must do everything by himself and without assistance. He must win every competition related to programming, graphics and 3D assets, optimizing, promoting, etc. It is a very hard and time-consuming way of development that results in a drop in quality.

If game development cannot provide income for life and further work we can conclude that a common mistake is actually up to the indie developer. They usually spamming App Stores with clones of games they can make. Consumers don’t want clones. Give them something new, something interesting. Give them fun with something they haven’t faced yet. In the end, it is better to do one good game that can really succeed and invest more time in it than to make a few speed games that have no absolute chance of success.

As a fan of digital arts, the Estonian company LiberSpaces has decided to support quality indie projects. LiberSpaces CEO and founder Raffaele Squillari said “Our indie developer support project is based on funding. We will find investments that will cover the whole process of publishing and promotion.”

The conclusion is that LiberSpaces just has a clear picture of how to overcome the underlying problem that leads to failure. The project will include ASO experts and SearchGun, which already provides support to Android App developers through the possibility of submitting a free review. On SearchGun, Android developers can submit the app for a free review and get some extra space for promotion.

It is important to note that each submitted game will be considered and the selection will be based on quality and innovation. Quality games will finally get a chance to succeed on GooglePlay Store. This way of support should motivate indie developers to make better and higher-quality games and to clearly see the reasons for previous failures.

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