Lipstick Shades Every Beauty Lover Should Own

Lipstick Shades

Lipsticks – the thought of which immediately transports us back to as early as 5000 years ago, the Indus and Sumerians crushed gemstones and bugs to decorate their faces, especially the lips. The trend continues. As the need to colour our lips has remained. It remains to be every girl’s dream to have luscious lips. Since it has such an impact, picking the right colour and lip care for you is extremely important.

Lipstick, kajal, and bindi completed make up for ethereal Indian women for decades. However, lipsticks have moved from browns, reds and pinks to hybrid colours, outlandish shades and numerous textures. As a result, we have more options and more shades at our disposal. A nude shade can make you look subdued and business-like at work, rev it up in the evenings with an exciting shade of purple and look like a diva.

Lipsticks are the frontrunners of makeup, and we’re compiling the best lipstick shades every girl should have in her kit. First, identify the type of lipstick you’d like to use:

  1. Sheer or Satin: These types keep your lips hydrated and perfect for a no-makeup look. They do not stay long and require touch-ups once in a while.
  2. Cream: It’s the mix of matte and satin lipstick. It keeps your lips nourished while delivering a matte look.
  3. Matte: Pick this for intense colour and long wear. They have very little oil in them, which can make your lips look dry unless prepped right.
  4. Frosted or Metallic: These have components that reflect backlight, giving a shimmer or glistening effect. That, in turn, can help your lips look fuller.

With heavy research and the introduction of products targeted for different areas or problems of the skin, we must take notice and prep our lips.

Prep for Lipstick

To make sure the lipstick you choose reaches its maximum potential, you have to prep your lips for it. Like how we prep our skin for our makeup routine, prepping your lips is essential to attain the perfect look. Beginning with:

Exfoliate: An essential step before wearing lipstick is to exfoliate your lips. The constant exposure to the environment, food and change in the climate. The lips react to it. Due to which there is dead skin cell build-up which leads to chapped lips.

Moisturise: Make sure to use a nourishing lip balm to fill in the cracks, which will aid in a smooth lipstick application. It keeps the lips hydrated, and lipsticks stay long.

Please wait for a while after you moisturise your lips for them to soak in thoroughly. It will help to hydrate the lips and prep them for lipstick fully. In the meantime finishing the rest of the makeup is a good idea. Finally, invest in a lip liner for the perfect shape.

After which one can move on to picking these must-have lipstick shades:


A red lipstick seldom goes out of fashion. Not only is it timeless but multifunctional. You can go from wearing it to a workday at the office to a glam night out with friends. It never fails to add glamour to every outfit. With matte looks coming in fashion, a matte red lipstick never fails to impress. It’s a pretty statement in itself, so make sure you’re up for that before wearing it!


A rich jewel-toned lipstick looks great on almost all skin types and for all occasions. A berry or plum shade would especially bring out the pink in pale-pinkish skin or undertone. Still, ones with yellow-olive skin might want to opt for a brighter plum shade to prevent it from dulling their complexion. Darker lipstick shades can often be intimidating for many, but a berry shade is just what you need to cure it. It has the right pop of colour and makes it eye-catching.


A girly shade of pink can never go out of fashion! It’s very feminine and subtle, which makes it suitable for most occasions. But if you love to make bold statements, a fuchsia or neon pink could do the job for you. With brighter colours making rounds in the trend circle, give bright pink shades a try. They could double as your cheek stains if you want a nice flush over the face.


For days when you feel bold and want something different, an orange shade is a must for you! It compliments most skin complexions and ranges from tangerine to neon shades. It has recently come in fashion for those ladies who love something out of the box. Just make sure to pick something that matches your makeup look and skin undertone to make it flattering. Leave this for informal occasions and make heads turn!


Every beauty lover would know about nude makeup and how it’s taken the industry by storm. It’s a good idea to invest in nude lipstick as this makeup trend is here to stay. A nude lipstick shade suits almost all skin tones and is easy to wear for most occasions.

There are many nude shades with hints of pinks and browns. Pick a light nude shade for lighter skin tones, whereas a darker nude for darker skin tones. Make sure not to go too soft on a nude shade to avoid a washed-out look.

Lip Care

It’s essential to care for lips after using lipsticks. Make sure to remove your lipstick stain properly after use to prevent your lips from drying out. To make the lipstick stay for long, do blot it with tissue paper to remove excess oil. Occasionally use lip masks to maximise hydration in lips and drink enough water to prevent chapped lips.

This industry is ever-evolving and has given birth to a range of products for the lips. There are lip glosses for those who like a wet sheer look or lip stains for those who prefer a natural look over their lips. There is something available for everyone with different needs. It is always good to look for a good quality brand with most of these options and explore what you like for your looks at an affordable price point. For this, try sugar lipsticks and their range of products.