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Are you struggling with a budget? Here is a help to get the cost-effective tray and sleeve boxes

Are you struggling with a budget? Here is a help to get the cost-effective tray and sleeve boxes 

What Is A Tray And Sleeve Box?

Tray and sleeve boxes, also known as two-piece die-cut cartons, are paperboard packaging. This type of packaging comprises two pieces: a tray that holds the product and a sleeve that hugs the tray. The sleeve adheres to the tray with an adhesive. Tray and sleeve boxes are often used for products that need to be displayed prominently or are fragile. They offer a high level of protection for the product, and you can decorate them with graphics to create an eye-catching package.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Tray And Sleeve Boxes?

When it comes to packaging, there are many different options to choose from. And each option has its own set of benefits. If you’re looking for an opportunity that is both efficient and environmentally friendly, then tray and sleeve packaging may be the perfect choice for you. Here are just a few of the benefits of using these boxes:

  • Tray and sleeve boxes are highly efficient because they can be shipped and stored flat, reducing shipping costs and making them easy to store.
  • They are also made out of recycled paperboard, so they are environmentally friendly.
  • And finally, you can customize them to fit your needs so that you can create the perfect package for your product.

Find the Right Packaging Company

The right packaging company can help you make the best decision regarding your tray and sleeve packaging. Many benefits come with using these boxes, such as increased product visibility and a much better chance of selling out.  The biggest challenge in finding the right packaging company is understanding all the options available for sleeve box manufacturers. To find one that will work best for you, here are some things to keep in mind: 

-Does this manufacturer offer customization? 

-Are they willing to produce custom designs?

-How much lead time will I need before my order arrives?

Use Affordable Materials

The Tray and Sleeve Boxes are often made cheaply with inferior materials. They may not be sturdy enough to hold much weight, so they may not last long. When you’re looking for a box that will let your business grow, it is best to invest in quality material that will last through the years.

The key thing to remember when buying boxes is to know what you want them for. If this box is going to be used as storage – then any box will do! However, if this box needs to have an exterior label or needs some decoration, choosing cardboard can make all the difference in how professional your packaging looks!

Choose From Diverse Shapes and Sizes

Finding the right packaging for your products is essential. Tray and sleeve boxes are an excellent option for companies that want to present their product elegantly. The sleeves protect the tray from dust, moisture, and dirt while also protecting against breakage during shipping. Tray boxes can be stacked on top of each other without fear of damaging the contents because they’re so sturdy. There are so many sizes available- perfect for any size or shape product you may have!

Use Safety Inserts for Protection

The use of safety inserts for products inside tray and sleeve boxes can be confusing.  Many people are unclear about the purpose, function, or how to place them in a box. We’re here to break it down for you.  Safety inserts are present between the product and the top of the box, protecting your product.  The need for these items is determined by several factors, including weight, shape, fragility, height-to-width ratio, etc.

Use Marketing Strategies to Market Your Boxes

Do you need to use marketing strategies to market your tray and sleeve boxes?

Marketing is not just for products. It’s also for packaging! Manufacturers know they have to make sure they stand out from the competition to sell their products. You can do this by using an innovative packaging design with features like die-cut windows or clear window panels on the front of a package. The more you can show off your product, the better!

However, it is essential that your packaging isn’t too heavy because if it gets damaged during shipping or storage, all of your hard work go to waste. Tray and sleeve boxes are great choices because they are lightweight but sturdy enough to store delicate items.

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