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Jewelry Pieces in Every Man's Closet

Jewelry Pieces in Every Man's Closet

⁠⁠It’s not all of a sudden that men have started wearing jewelry, but this trend of them flaunting it confidently goes way back. It dates back to the time when mankind discovered metals and stones that could be used as ornaments. The best example of this can be none other than the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The Ancient Egyptian men wore jewelry, and it used to be a reflection of their prosperity and royal culture.

But gone is that time and today, in the 21st century, wearing jewelry is all about breaking stereotypes and challenging existing taboos. When we hear jewelry, it is usually thought to be a lady’s arena, but that’s the glass we’re going to shatter today. Here we’ll take a close look at some of the most popular men’s jewelry pieces like anime earrings, bracelets, and how to style them.

There are three main accessories that most men are seen to style with almost all kinds of outfits – a classy pair of cufflinks, a nice watch, and a simple ring or wedding band.

But this hasn’t had to be boring, though. There is plenty of room to style these basic and essential pieces to make a statement with your accessories.


When one thinks of rings then, they always needn’t be wedding rings and bands. Rings are popularly worn by men not just to symbolize their relationship status but for statement accessorizing as well. They have become a statement jewelry piece and for good reasons. When a simple and plain ring/finger band can do wonders for any outfit, imagine what a bold ring will do to your overall look. Rings can instantly enhance the overall appeal that too without even putting much effort into styling it.

Rings come in a wide range of styles and types. Some of these include wedding bands, signet rings, fashion rings, etc. While styling rings, you should remember to style it according to your personality. Next, keep in mind that the metal chosen should be comfortable to wear and not irritate your skin. Also, the color and size of the ring you embrace are also important as too bold and heavy ones can both make or break the look. Finally, you must ensure that the rings are simple and plain enough to keep the minimalism factor intact.  If you wish to create a statement, you can opt for bold, chunkier, and heavy rings and wear them along with your three-piece suit.


Bracelets are designed to enhance the look and not to grab all the attention. If you wish to style one or looking to buy some, then there is a plethora of options for you to choose from.

In your next purchase, you can choose from gemstone bracelets, beads bracelets, metal bands, leather cuffs, braided bands, I.D. bracelets, health bands, etc. There are also options to get some names and quotes embedded in them and reflect a sense of personalization. Finally, to add some extra touches of glitz and glam to your outfit,  choose a plain or patterned silver or gold bracelet. Besides, it will even make a great first impression when your handshake. If you are not a ring person particularly, then bracelets are an excellent option to go with for accessorizing your hand.

Now, if talking about styling bracelets, you must know that different bracelets suit different occasions and should be styled accordingly. If you wish to style bracelets with your formal outfits, then metal bands should be the go-to choice.  If you want to pair them with your casual outfits, you can opt for strings and rope chords.  On the other hand, if you’re a health-conscious gym freak, health bands can do the tricks. They could be a perfect addition to your gym accessories collection.


Amongst some of the most popular jewelry items for men are cufflinks. When styled properly, cufflinks are sure to add class and personality to any outfit. Gone are the days of styling those boring and plain wrist buttons. Replace them with elegant and versatile enough cufflinks. They are just ideal styled with anything and everything, from various shirts to tuxedos.

There are several quirkier options available too. They are also very popular to add some fun and funky look to your complete outfit. Just like any other jewelry piece, you have a wide range of cufflinks from which you can choose to buy next. From formal and semiformal outfits, cufflinks are generally worn, when out on some event or occasion. Find a perfect piece for you and make an ever-lasting impression on one and all present around. One of the most classic examples of styling cufflinks is by pairing them with a plain tuxedo. Further, you can complete the look by pairing a black or white tie.

If you want to look different from the crowd, then you can even style cufflinks in different cocktails & evening parties, and family functions with a crisp white shirt.

Final Words

Jewelry and accessories can be complete game-changers when it comes to putting them together with an outfit. Jewelry pieces like the Wonder Woman Jewelry are likely to add extra something to your outfit, making it complete.

It’s time now to welcome and embrace men into this huge and beautiful world of jewelry without typecasting. Just like women, men too can look attractive when they style the perfect pieces the right way. These classy and minimal jewelry pieces won’t only uplift your outfit but also reflect your personality as a person. So remember, the very next time you plan for any outing from casual to formals, ensure that you make these fashion accessories a part of your outfit and steal the show!

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