Some Trends Expected to be Part of Performance Management in Future

Performance Management

In any organisation, regardless of industry, managing the performance of employees is essential to business. Not only does it help to align the workforce based on goals to be achieved, but it also allows for amendments to the current business strategies to gain better outcomes.

However, with evolving times, the business working models are changing, and so are the employee expectations of the organization. Since the pandemic, companies have changed their ways of working, from hybrid models to completely remote working. This also has an impact on both the organization and the employee’s performance, creating an urge to modify the ways in which their performance is being reviewed. 

Many modern organizations have been reinventing their processes with the help of performance management platforms that enable them to measure and drive better performance.

Similarly, there have been evolving methods in the field of performance management that are helping companies to reap maximum benefits. In this blog, we have discussed a few trends that are most likely to be integrated into the performance management process. 

  • Increased emphasis on personal and professional goals

Goal setting is a crucial step for any business that helps to outline and conclude on business objectives to be achieved. Unlike earlier times, the goal-setting process is not only limited to setting a company’s goals but also includes integrating the personal goals of the employees. Thus, in the upcoming years, it is expected that more and more companies will choose to revise their goal-setting process to improve employee performance. 

  • Continuous & personalized feedback will be the key 

In the coming years, providing continuous and personalized feedback will help companies and their employees to give their best. It will be helpful in boosting employees’ morale as well as enhancing performance based on suggestions. Moreover, taking a personalized approach to help employees improve and meet their performance goals allows for individual professional growth and skill mastery. Many companies have adopted performance management platforms that help them ease the process of sharing continuous feedback with their employees. 

  • People analytics will play an essential role

People analytics in the business allows business owners to make decisions based on the data insights related to the organization and its people. The data-driven decisions help companies gain benefits in terms of employee productivity and engagement at the workplace. To gather data insights, enterprises can rely on performance management solutions that allow them to go through functional performance metrics and take necessary actions. Thus, it is much expected that people analytics will be more popular in the coming times. 

  • Employee engagement continues to influence performance

In any organization, employee engagement is a critical factor to a company’s success. Enforcing a culture that encourages employee experience in the organization benefits productivity and performance.

This includes focusing on qualitative factors that affect employees’ dedication, motivation, and desire to perform to the best of their abilities. Moreover, it also involves implementing strategies to recognise and reward employees for their hard work so that they continue to make efforts for achieving goals. 


Considering the shift in working cultures in companies and emerging employee expectations at the workplace, transforming performance management practices has become essential. Along with the above-mentioned trends, the performance management process has to become more human in the upcoming times.

This means while analyzing employee performance, factors that affect productivity, personal or professional must be taken into consideration. To do so, employers must do regular check-ins with their workforce. This helps them to stay updated with any kind of challenges or issues that might be hindering productivity. Performance management systems like entomo can play an essential role in producing positive outcomes.