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Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Permanent Hair Removal Methods 

People are considering a long-term solution. However, the method of permanent removal comes at a cost. The proven method that provides complete stability is electrolysis and permanent hair loss, which the FDA calls laser treatment.


Electrolysis is a procedure that has to be performed by a professional who has a lot of skills and training. The treatment causes permanent removal in the area. The electrologist usually inserts a fragile needle into the root of each hair follicle and then provides an electric charge to kill it. If the hair is in the process of active growth, it will not grow again. According to the survey, electrolysis is between $ 40 and $ 130 per hour.

The electrolysis method is considered a permanent procedure if the regeneration is permanently resolved. This method works great regardless of hair color or skin color. This method is time-consuming, as each hair is usually treated individually.

If one wants to remove the hair around the lips permanently, bikini line, or chin, the electrolysis north shore method is the best choice. However, laser hair removal is the best option for large areas that may take several hours to treat.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment usually involves using a device aimed at a specific area of the skin and usually generates large amounts of light wavelengths to destroy the hair follicles. Even though laser treatment removes hair permanently, it often slows down hair growth but does not allow complete permanent removal. Eliminating a variety of hairs requires several medicines, which usually occur during the growth period. Laser treatment costs an average of 80 380, while the average number of laser treatments is five.

20 to 90% hair loss

According to research, people who choose to have permanent hair removal through laser treatment can experience 20 to 90% hair loss after treatment. The success stories of laser treatments vary widely as this method is often suitable for those rated as “the best candidate.” For people with darker and clearer skin, laser hair removal methods have the best results, while those whose colors are not oily (white or gray), clean, light brown, or red hair are unsuccessful.

According to a study in the journal Removal, a group of doctors who specialize in laser hair removal says that, on average, 80 to 90 percent of the “best candidates” have 80 percent permanent hair removal in North Vancouver after at least four to seven treatments. I succeeded.

Rehabilitation and re-growth

Sessions are necessary at least once a year to treat rehabilitation and re-growth. Laser treatment is an expensive method, so those considering this method as a permanent hair removal method need to consult their doctor thoroughly to find out if they have this procedure.

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