Plants with benefits: 8 Plants You Can Grow For Their Health Benefits

Plants with benefits

One of the great things about the world we live in is the availability of information. Just pick a hobby and you’ll discover plenty of resources online you can use to start. Growing plants is one of the things you can learn about with ease, enjoy the process and reap the benefits. There are plants that have amazing health benefits and can improve your environment and your health. Let’s look into plants that have extraordinary health benefits. Each one can be used to treat a different health problem and turning to nature for a healthy solution is a safe option.


You probably have mint tea in your cupboard and use it whenever you have a tummy ache. But, did you know that you can grow it easily on your own? Pick the leaves, dry them and make your own tea? You can grow mint or peppermint easily in your garden and even indoors. Even while it’s growing, it has a lovely scent and you can snip the leaves and squash them in your hand to inhale the energizing scent. It will lift your mood up and fill you with energy. You can add fresh mint leaves into a mojito cocktail or ice tea and give it a unique flavor. The best thing about mint is that you can grow it all year long if it’s safe from frost.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a common ingredient used in skincare products and other natural ointments.  Aloe vera has soothing properties so it’s great for irritated or dehydrated skin. Aloe Vera leaves are rich in a gel-like substance that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other soothing properties. You can safely grow aloe Vera at home for your personal use and to beautify the decor as well.


Rosemary is another plant that has a rich scent that will linger a long time even if you just passed by and brushed it gently. It’s widely used as a spice, but it also has rich health benefits. From antioxidants, immune-boosting components, minerals and vitamins, it can boost your memory, improve concentration and even promote hair growth. You can use rosemary oil, rosemary tea and dried rosemary (as a spice).

You can grow rosemary both indoors and outdoor.


Lavender with its lovely violet color and an amazing scent, is both a beautiful plant to grow just for the beauty of it. It’s also a great tool for stress, so you can inhale lavender to reduce stress. Some of the known benefits of lavender include better sleep, reduced headaches, stress and anxiety relief. People use lavender oil for massages and also diffuse lavender essential oil to calm their nerves before sleep. Lavender is easy to grow, you just have to water it when the soil is completely dry and give it a lot of sun.


A number of scholarly articles have been written on the health benefits of cannabis so it’s worth mentioning cannabis among plants that have notable health benefits. Cannabis is known to reduce chronic pain so it’s widely used among cancer patients and other people going through a lot of pain. Cannabidiol and cannabinol are components found in cannabis that are responsible for pain relief, better sleep, reduced inflammation, prevention of heart issues and it also helps with anxiety and depression. If you’re interested in its health benefits, make sure to get genuine and quality cannabis seeds and also make sure you meet the legal requirements of your state.


Echinacea is another one on our list because it’s widely used to treat flu symptoms and boost the immune system. It’s most commonly used in the form of tea or healthy tinctures. Echinacea leaves, roots and flowers are used to make tea mixtures. It can be grown as a potted plant or planted directly in the garden.


If you’re into practicing a healthy lifestyle, you should definitely include valerian into your life. Valerian root is used to reduce stress, anxiety and poor sleep. People with insomnia are advised to take valerian tea or valerian capsules because it’s a healthier option than sleeping pills. Valerian seeds are easy to grow, and the plant is not high maintenance. You can grow valerian in your garden and expect new growth in the spring because it will self-seed.


Basil is a well-known herb used as a spice. But, it also has vast health benefits. Not only is it rich in iron, Vitamin K and minerals, it’s also a great source of antioxidants. Basil aids digestion, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, power-ups your metabolism and fight inflammation. You can grow basil outdoor and indoor in a pot so you can always have a fresh source of basil.

Keeping these plants in your garden or indoors will ensure you always have these medicinal plants nearby. For optimal health, you can include these plants into your daily consumption to reap their benefits and level up your health naturally.

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