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Practice These Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain

Practice These Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain 

Yoga is not just about practicing challenging asanas. It is a sacred technique to bring your mind, body, and soul together. Whether you want to get rid of upper back pain, migraine, treat anxiety, or improve your strength; yoga does a lot. Add to that, you have a variety of yoga styles, each with impressive benefits for your mental and physical health.

Unfortunately, due to a hectic schedule and sedentary lifestyle, a common health issue these days is upper back pain. Your back also suffers injuries, which can be taken care of by including yoga for upper back pain in your daily routine. You need not worry as yoga experts have come up with complete information on how you can get rid of this health issue without medications. Let us start by knowing a bit about your upper back.

What Is The Upper Back?

Your upper back is the region below the cervical spine (neck) and above the lower back (lumbar spine). The upper back, also known as the thoracic spine is the most stable part of your spine. However, the range of motion of your upper back is limited as your spine is attached to the ribcage.

Moreover, your upper back also shares its load with some muscles including;

1. Trapezius

Located near your shoulder blade, this helps you stand straight and throw objects

2. Latissimus Dorsi

Located in the lower region of your back, this provides you arm movement and breathing

3. Rhomboids

Adjacent to Trapezius, this supports your shoulders and helps you pull.

When you suffer from back pain, there is a high chance you have injured one of these muscles. However, you can include yoga for upper back pain to get rid of this issue. Let us first understand what it is that causes upper back pain.

The Reason For Upper Back Pain

Your upper back comprises of the thoracic spine (bony structures known as vertebrae surrounding the nerves of the spinal cord), shoulder blades, and backside of the ribcage.

Between these vertebrae are located spongy sacs of cartilage, known as discs. These discs provide the necessary cushioning and a wide range of motion for your back. Also, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons provide additional support.

Unfortunately, any of these can become inflamed or irritated due to a mild or serious medical condition. A common reason behind upper back pain is sudden movement during sporting activity. You should enroll in the advanced 500-hour yoga teacher training to know the best yoga techniques to deal with back pain.

Some of the common causes behind upper back pain include;

  • Poor body posture
  • Sudden twisting
  • Lifting weight improperly
  • Contact sports
  • Repetitive movement
  • Carrying heavy load

However, this problem has a solution. There is yoga for upper back pain to help you get rid of this problem. Let us check out how yoga can help you get rid of this problem.

How Yoga Can Help Treat Upper Back Pain?

Although yoga is a 5000-year-old technique of uniting your mind, body, and soul. There are numerous yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques.

Do you know the four different elements that make yoga an effective technique to get rid of upper back pain? Read further to know.

  • Yoga exercises strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. Both these muscles are important in keeping a straight and healthy body posture and movement.
  • The yoga for upper back pain stretch your muscles and helps them relax. The stretching of hamstrings during these yoga exercises also expand the motion of your pelvis.
  • Yoga improves blood flow throughout your body which also helps in removing toxins from your body. As a result, your soft tissues and lumbar muscles receive due nourishment.
  • As stated above, a poor body posture is also the reason behind upper back pain. Daily yoga practice helps improve your overall body posture.

However, to get rid of upper back pain, you should also practice all the right yoga poses.

Yoga Poses To Treat Upper Back Pain

Given below are three yoga for upper back pain asanas you should practice maintaining a healthy back.

1. Bridge Pose

If you want to improve spinal mobility and strengthen the posterior chain, you should do the Bridge Pose.

2. Cow Pose

Want to practice yoga for back pain? The Cow Pose is a beginner’s backbend pose that improves your T-spine mobility and relieves pain in the neck. It also relieves you of the pain between your shoulder blades.

3. Fish Pose

If you want to improve spine mobility and strengthen your abs, do the Fish Pose. This yoga asana opens your chest and relieves you of the pain in between your shoulder blades.


Although quite uncommon, Back pain impacts the overall movement of your back. Still, you can get rid of this issue by making yoga for upper back pain a part of your daily routine.

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