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Prevention of Systematic Diseases by Rinsing Mouth in Ablution

Prevention of Systematic Diseases by Rinsing Mouth in Ablution 

We all know that the cleanliness or purity is the basic principle of Islam because it is integral part of our faith. We also know that cleanliness plays important role in maintaining good physical health. But do you know that the ablution has some astonishing physical and psychological effects on our body? Ablution or Wudu is a prescribed way of cleanliness of our body. Today we will know some health benefits of ablution or Wudu that are scientifically proven by medical researchers.

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Chinese Reflexo-Therapy and Ablution

Ablution has similar affects on body which Chinese target by their reflexo-therapy. Reflexo-therapy is basically a hydro massage of the body for treatment of some diseases. The rhythmical manner of ablution that is prescribed by Holy Sunnah stimulates body pace biologically. With the advancement of science and technology, it is proved that every Islamic ritual has numerous secret benefits which are now scientifically established.

Removing Clusters of Bacteria from the Body

Hands, face, arms and feet are the parts of body that are out in the open most of the time. Ablution ensures washing of all these parts, so removing clusters of bacteria from the body. Moreover, the very first ritual of ablution is washing hands. It ensures that we perform upcoming rituals like rinsing mouth, cleaning nose and face with clean water. The amazing order of ablution is also very thoughtful.

Activating Blood Circulation in Arms

Limbs are the weaker areas of the body because they lie far from the heart, the blood pumping organ. So blood circulation in these parts is inefficient. The medical science proved that washing arms enhances the blood circulation in them. The same theory lies behind the hydro massage. There are three major veins in the elbow which have connections to the mind, heart and liver. So, there are many health benefits associated with the functioning of these three organs which result by washing arms.

Prevention of Systematic Diseases by Rinsing Mouth in Ablution

Medical researches proved that the unhygienic oral conditions have direct link to the systematic diseases. The systematic diseases include osteoporosis, heart diseases, bacterial pneumonia and some others. During ablution when we rinse our mouth, it helps to remove residual food particles and some germs from our mouth. If these food particulars remain for longer period in the mouth, they stimulate bacterial infection in the mouth. A medical research by the name of “Systematic Diseases Caused by Oral Infection” has been published in Clinical Microbiology Reviews Journal which proved the connections between oral bad health and systematic diseases. Rinsing mouth also prevents teeth problems and bad breathe.

Prevention from Microbic Diseases

Washing nose five times a day at different intervals guarantees the prevention of microbic diseases. It is established fact that the breathing is the main point of attack by microbes. The treatment of allergic rhinitis also becomes more effective by nasal cleaning five times a day because it wipes away many infections on the exposed nasal area. Overall, nasal cleaning improves breathing which results in better energy level in the body. Gargling during ablution also helps in discarding dust particles and allergens present deep inside mouth.

Sensation of Purity and Relaxation

Ablution is proved to enhance energy level and feel fresh because it removes impurities from the body and stimulates blood flow. Some hospitals in the Europe have even adopted the ablutions rituals for the treatment of mental stress.

Ablution Ensures Sound Sleep

Yoga experts suggest washing hands, mouth, eyes, arms, face, and feet before going to bed for ensuring sound sleep. Hundreds of years ago, when yoga exercises were not known, our beloved Holy Prophet (SAWW) suggested ablution before going to bed.

Skin Care

Washing face five times a day not only improves complexion but also prevents acne, wrinkles and aging effects.  The dust particles on the oily skin cause pimples. Those who perform ablution five times a day can easily prevent such skin problems. In short it helps skin look younger and slows down the skin aging effects.

Ablution Cures Depression

There is no limit of mercifulness of our Lord. Allah Almighty has provided His blessings in even the smallest ritual of His commandments. The most recent research on “Ablution Cures Depression” is a great illustration in this regard. Cleaning body by systematic manner as prescribed in ablution is very insightful with regard to cleaning and health purpose. Medical science proved that those who perform ablution daily are less prone to depression. Wiping the head, which is part of ablution, not only prevents depression but also cures it.

 Preventing Athlete’s Foot

According to the sunnah way of ablution, we should wash our hands and feet by making gaps between fingers with the help of fingers of our hands. This is the best way to prevent infections between the fingers. Washing feet this way five times a day will definitely prevent athletes feet disease.

Above mentioned benefits are narrated from medical perspective only. Apart from these benefits, the habit of remaining in the ablution state helps strengthening the bonding with our Creator. Moreover it pleases Almighty Allah as well. Let us remember only one Hadith to remember how adored it is before our Creator to do ablution. Our beloved Prophet (SAWW) said:

Whoever does ablution properly, then days, “I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger” then all eight gates of Jannah will be opened for him, and he may enter through whichever one he wants.” Let us make it habit to remain in the state of ablution to get these health benefits along with other mercies of Allah Almighty.

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