Quick Guide: Long-Term Storage and Preservation of Cannabis For Retail


If you’ve not touched your cannabis stocks in a while, you may notice that the buds are drying out and that consuming them will not produce the same effect as it did before. While the process of aging is inevitable, it can be delayed with proper care. We’ll show you what might hurt your buds as they age and how to protect them from the environment and time.

This is applicable if you are also preparing your cannabis for retail or consignment.

With the right knowledge and information in your hands, keeping your cannabis fresh is relatively easy. If this is for personal use, and you do not use weed too often, you may have at one time purchased it in bulk and ended up with old buds in your stash. This is also applicable on your freshly harvest weeds. On the other hand, you may click here and find out whats new in homegrown cannabis.

It is easy to tell when something is wrong with your weed; you just have to feel the dried-up, light nugs with your fingers. Sometimes you will find you require a smoke, but the old stuff can’t give you a healing high, and its flavor is off. That gets you wondering what you can do to keep your cannabis from becoming that way again.

How to Store and Preserve Cannabis

Now that you’ve identified your enemy, you’ll need to learn how to protect yourself while keeping your cannabis fresh. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy procedure, and you could already have everything you need to begin preserving your marijuana for an extended length of time.

1. The Correct Curing Method

The post-harvest curing phase is where the path to appropriate cannabis preservation begins.

Surprisingly, it also entails keeping the same optimized atmosphere for your flowers. You’ll need to find a place that’s cool, dark, and somewhat dry. Sort your stockpile into mason jars after separating the buds and trimming off the sugar leaves. Please keep in mind that each jar should only be ¾ full.

In only a few weeks, you will have your fresh, smokable weed. However, if you genuinely want to keep your curing jars fresh, make sure there’s no extra moisture trapped within.

2. Airtight Packaging

We recommend keeping your buds in their mason jars until they’ve been adequately cured. Airtight containers are the most excellent choice for your cannabis because of the damage that oxygen will undoubtedly do.

But it can’t just be any container. Plastic can speed the aging process. Therefore, Tupperware is not a good idea. A container made of glass or ceramic, on the other hand, will keep it secure and fresh.

Custom cannabis bags from a professional packaging company, on the other hand, are incredibly effective since they are inherently empty of air and use vapor barrier materials that are highly effective at preventing all the elements from getting to your stash. The only requirement here is that you keep the bag tightly sealed every time.

3. Store in a Dark Place

Your cannabis container should be opaque since light may be harmful to your buds. Blacking up your jars is also a good idea.

However, even during the curing phase, the curing chamber should be kept dark with the lights turned off. With opaque storage containers, though, you may switch on the lights without worrying.

4. Store at Cool Temperatures

After you’ve placed your buds in their pots, keep the room cool: below 78°F to avoid mold growth. Purchase two different temperature gauges or ambient thermometers to make sure your readings are correct. When in doubt, it might be best to lower the temperature to 70°F.

5. Maintain a Clean Storage Environment

Now that virtually everything is in order, all you have to do is keep things clean.

Dust the shelves and jars, as well as clean or wash the floor when necessary. As a result, don’t spend too much time there because any dirt you bring in will need to be cleaned up afterward.

The truth is you can’t keep the cannabis from aging, but you can certainly slow the process down. What is essential is to ensure that your cannabis is well cured, packaged in the proper containers, and stored in a cool and dry place with the appropriate humidity and temperature. You can use an online payment method like xoom money transfer method to buy the bags.