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Ransomware Recovery-7 Ways to Secure Your Last Line Of Defense

Ransomware Recovery-7 Ways to Secure Your Last Line Of Defense 

Ransomware attacks have become a common threat for every business organization. In the past few years, the IT industry has developed many IT technologies to improve many businesses. In the healthcare industry, many professionals used new high-tech medical equipments to conduct medical treatments. Ransomware attacks have destroyed many businesses. Ransomware is malicious software that spread like a virus in the system and blocks all the access files from the users and in exchange for the files, it demands a ransom amount. However, instead of paying the ransom, the only solution to this attack is ransomware recovery.

Ransomware enters your network in many ways. The most popular and most common way is as email attachment that can be downloaded into your system. then the downloaded files spread in the system like a virus. Downloading any kind of malicious software can result in having ransomware in your system and also using a USB drive can also be a carrier of ransomware.

Why Ransomware Recovery is Important?

To save millions of money on paying the ransom. Companies always use advanced security protocols so the data of millions of customers will be secured. Cyber security solution standards always make sure that the company has a secure network domain. However, the threat of ransomware is very real and disastrous because every 14 seconds there is an attack on an organization. So the recovery of data is very important and very challenging because these hackers are getting very expert in their work. Therefore, companies need to take precautionary measures if they wanna secure their business.

7 Ways to Secure Your Backup and Recovery System

The security and performance of your backup system are integral to your ransomware recovery capabilities. Backup systems are essential for your business. if the data of your business is corrupted or altered then the only solution is to recover data from backup systems. Mostly backup systems are key targets of attackers. Therefore, hackers always attacks the network domain of any business so they can weak the backup system of any organization. If you want to secure your backup system you can read these methods that are worth reading.

Maintain Multiple Copies

Many famous organizations use this technique to secure their data in the backup. Your business organization must follow this 3-2-1 method to secure data. In this technique basically. The data is replicated in 3 copies all of which are put in the backup servers. This rule is very effective in securing your actual business data.

Deduce and Compress your Backup Data

Compressing the data will only make the data more secure and it will cost less for the company. It will take less space in your backup servers.

Encrypt Data in Motion and at Rest

Encrypting your data will add another security level to your data. If all your files are under protection through encryption, it will take more time for the hacker to get into your system. In addition, protect your data in motion with SSL encryption or use advanced security protocols.

Harden the Data Backup with Immutable Storage

You can place a copy of your backup data into immutable storage. It is a storage that uses media that prevents that data from ever being changed or erased. Once the data is written on it can never be replaced or erased.

Create Physical Air Gaps Between Copies of your Data

Placing your backup data to an offsite that is not offline makes sure that you don’t lost your backup in case of a hack. That means you have created a physical air gap between the backup data. This kind of technique will confuse the attacker because it will be harder for them to find your actual data.

Limit Access to the Backup Software

The very first thing that you need to do is to place your backup data off-site and offline. So there is less chance of unauthorized access to backup servers. Always give access to an admin who has proper knowledge of cyber security solutions so they manage your security protocols wisely.

Use MFA for Admin Accounts

Always use two-factor authorization on the company system so these systems can be secure and there could be less chance of unauthorized access. Make sure your system has multifactor authorization enabled so the hacker cannot delete the data from your system and change the policies.

Final thoughts

Ransomware recovery is very essential against these cyber-attacks because these hackers are doing their best job to destroy IT business. Therefore, so if you want to secure your business always use advanced security protocols.

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