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Top 8 Myths of Search Engine       Optimization   in  2021

Top 8 Myths of Search Engine Optimization in 2021 

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is optimizing the website to get the position in the top ten search engine results. It helps in increasing the visibility of the website and brings organic traffic. To attract organic search engine traffic, it is essential to create effective SEO content. To achieve this, many business organizations choose to bond with SEO Services India.

Even though everyone in the business world is aware of SEO’s benefits, there are some myths regarding SEO in the market. These myths sometimes cause a problem for the service provider as they have to clarify them to the clients repeatedly.

Here are some of the common misconceptions and half-truths regarding SEO in the market:

Only Meta Tag Keywords Matter

Meta tags form the text, Which is showed with the link when the mouse pointer is pointed. These Meta tags do not play a significant role in improving the website ranking. They have no real weightage in the ranking algorithm of Google or other search engines.  Therefore, SEO Services India avoids using these Meta tags for website ranking.

Paid research Helps in Improving the SEO Ranking

It is another common misunderstanding regarding SEO in the business world. The majority of people in the business believe that spending high money on pay-per-click advertising brings better revenue. However, pay-per-click does not help much in improving organic SEO ranking.

Google Prefers Keyword Stuffing

Keywords and content writing are some of the essential aspects of search engine optimization. However, stuffing keywords too much can make your website, article, or blog be canceled by Google. Filling the content with links and having numerous content. On the exact keywords are frowned upon by every search engine.

Inbounds Links Boosts your Website Ranking

Another misconception regarding SEO is that inbounds links help in boosting the website ranking on the search engine result page—Google blacklists such websites that use too many inbound links. Too much or too little of anything creates trouble, irrespective of their field or situation. Similarly, when it comes to SEO, using reliable and appropriate tools and services. The SEO companies are skilled and knowledgeable. Therefore, if they avoid the usage of any SEO tactic, there must be a reason. These companies work day and night to maintain the position of your website without risking your website.

Trickery is the Key

Many people in business believe that it is easy to trick search engines like Bing or Google to get a reliable ranking. However, manipulating the search engine results can permanently remove your website from the search engine result page. Thus, choose the ethical and original methods and bring fresh user and organic traffic. SEO companies create engaging, attractive, and unique content to promote your goods and services among the masses.

Low-Quality Links are Useless

Keep in mind that Google looks for everything be it big or small. As mentioned above, tricking or fooling any search engine is not wise. Avoid using bad or low-quality links as they risk getting your website banned by the search engine. Remove such links as soon as possible. If there are some links that you cannot remove, then request the search engine to ignore them when accessing your website.

There is No Need to Optimize Images

Somewhere in the past, optimizing images was not so important. You can easily use them without using any image file name. However, now things have changed. Now, to make your SEO content more reachable to the audience, images play an essential role. Images help in boosting the performance of your content or website.

No Need for Mobile Optimization

Everyone knows that Smartphone is becoming an integral part of our day-to-day life. Not everyone uses a tablet, computer, or laptop to open a website. Most people nowadays open websites on their phones. Thus, it is essential to make the website mobile-friendly. Search engines like Google take mobile optimization very seriously. It increases the ranking of those websites which are mobile-friendly and preferred mainly by phone users. With time, everyone has to move forward and adapt ways to cope with the rapidly changing technology. A responsive website can quickly adapt to the customer’s needs and device.

No doubt that SEO is essential. However, one should follow unprofessional methods to make it successful. The original strategies and tactics may take some time. However, they provide 100% natural and organic results, which are appreciated by every search engine.

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