SEO Practices You don’t Need a Technical Degree for!

Search engine optimization is all about the Google ranking of your Websites. Therefore, an interesting, informative article deserves the reader’s attention. 

Good content of any niche goes a long way!

Interestingly, there some tricks and strategies that help you to rank on google. People tend to click on the articles that appear on the first page of searching. So the higher you rank, the greater the chance to have more traffic. While writing an interesting article is of utmost importance, it takes some more steps to secure a high rank. Further, it’s also about quality input and some strategies to rank your website on google. 

Let’s discuss the key factors to success in the SEO business and check out the top practices to enhance your SEO ranking. 

Practices can Start without a Technical Degree! 

Make Your Page Secure: It is HTTPS that makes your web pages secure. HTTPS checks the loading bar in the browser. A lock icon at the starting of the URL is good. If not, install an SSL certificate. Many web hostings offer this in their package, making all your website’s existing and future pages much secure. SSL certificate empowers your cybersecurity. 

Fast Loading: Page speed is a crucial factor in SEO. A slow loading site eventually lags. We all can relate to that as readers ourselves. As per data, a 1-second delay in page loading can yield a whopping 7% conversions loss. Avoid the non-essential elements. Deactivate plugins if you use WordPress. You don’t really need that, declutter the sidebars and put the essential widgets there. Use CDN, compress pictures, optimized themes. Use CDN, compress pictures, optimized WordPress themes (You can change WordPress theme without going live). This will help in your SEO improvement. This will help in your SEO improvement.

Keyword density: Invest in search, trending keywords people mostly search for. Use the targeted keyword meaningfully at least ten times in your article. Using keywords with 5-6 words is more effective than a single word. It helps to gain insight into phrases the target audience looks for. Do not assign the same primary keyword to multiple pages and posts published on your website. 

The same keyword used on more than a page may lead to keyword cannibalization negatively. Use the primary keyword in the page title, page URL, In the first 10% of an article. Increase the keyword density and use them at least in one subheading and in the meta description. The meta description is the part of the description that appears with a google search. 

Internal and External Backlinks:

  1. Use relevant links with your writing.
  2. Put backlinks of a similar topic or a particular phrase.
  3. Put example SEO services links to Yoga if your article is about healthy habits of life. So that readers dont meet a dead end. 

Putting backlinks helps generate valuable traffic. This further contributes to your website earning revenue. Link other internal pages of your website. Also, attach other relevant websites. Let the search engine know that your site is connected to the broader digital world. 

Add Location: Plenty of great SEO companies out there. Setting up a Google business page takes you ahead in the SEO business. This engages your site with local services for nearby people. First, create a profile to build your online presence. Then add the site to relevant business directories. 

Learn about an SEO Agency and choose general business directories. List the relevant sites with your niche. A social media page does engage more viewers. Name, address, phone entries have to be accurate and unchanged. Involving a specific geographical place makes it more authentic. 

Decorate it well:- Point all your domains to the same host. Some sites allow you to visit via different hostname. Sites that have better page hierarchy & structure are more visible in SEO ranking. A well-structured and well-linked site gets more attention to visitors. Good content does another job.

Content is the King:- The quantity and quality of your copy are other majorly important things. Better readability helps in better page ranking. It especially plays an important role in voice search. Use simple and natural words that are common to people. 

Plenty of great SEO companies out there who suggest an eighth-grade reading level. It is easily understandable to readers. Use short paragraphs, make bullet points and make it convenient for both search crawlers and website visitors.


So these are some of the very important tips to follow to rank a website well. These simple yet effective steps are helpful to engage people with your websites. Execution of each strategy has its worth. This altogether shows a better SEO ranking. We hope this piece of article serves a better understanding of the above topic. If it helps you to improve your SEO game, the purpose of our writing is fulfilled.

Remember, no expertise but some conscious effort will do the job!