Shoppable Instagram Feed That Turns Content Into Conversions

Shoppable Instagram

Shoppable Instagram is a new feature that allows customers to engage and shop with brands simultaneously. Business profiles turn into shoppable storefronts that Instagram users can scroll through and explore the products without leaving the app.

Instagram Shopping came into existence in October 2017, and ever since then, it has been serving many brands and users as they enjoy its benefits.

Like any other post, brands can upload a picture of their product and tag the product with a shoppable tag. They can tag multiple products if the post displays more than one of their products.

The users can easily click on the shoppable tag, check the product description and price, and easily make the purchase. Not just that, businesses also have a view shop option on their Instagram pages.

Users can explore their range of products, just like they would on an ecommerce website. Here, they don’t even have to leave the app.

So how does the shoppable Instagram feed benefits conversion rates for brands? Keep reading to find out.

1.   Shoppable Tags Encourage Sales

It is likely that whenever we come across something new, we get curious and feel the urge to explore it. That’s what happened with Shoppable Instagram. Firstly, people don’t have to reach these shoppable posts; they become a part of their general social behavior.

So when these shoppable posts started appearing with the regular posts, the shopping bag icon generated curiosity. When they started exploring it and realized how seamless they are, shoppable Instagram became a hit.

That’s what brought the social shopping revolution to the mainstream, as more people started buying on social media along with socializing.

2.   The Ultimate Visual Marketing

Instagram is always known for the visuals it offers. Marketers use many marketing strategies with Instagram, and the visually appealing content has always managed to influence people. The goal was to direct the audience from Instagram to brands’ eCommerce websites.

But the ultimate goal was to generate sales. Shoppable Instagram made the visual marketing path shorter by creating sales possibilities within the app.

Now, users get influenced by the aesthetic pictures, like them, share them, and buy them all at once. This blend of social and commerce has resulted in a boom for commerce businesses.

3.   Influencer Marketing With Quick Sales

If you don’t know this already, then allow us, 90% of Instagram users follow Influencers and content creators. And if you don’t believe this, then you’re surely among the 10% distant from the world. When so many people follow these influencers, they influence most of their purchase decisions.

Marketers have recognized this, and brands collaborate with Influencers who have a similar target audience to promote their products. It has given some amazing results, but now the Influencer marketing scene is taking another step.

Brands directly post Influencer content from their accounts and tag them as shoppable posts. These shoppable posts work in an all-in-one aspect. As users get influenced and without any distractions, they get all the product details with just one click. And within a few clicks, they purchase the product. Everything, while staying on Instagram.

4.   Easy Purchase Journey

The world is moving fast, and people seek quicker things. Gone are the days when people would spend all their time filling lengthy ecommerce details pages and feel overwhelmed. Now they want something that takes no more than a few easy clicks.

That’s when shoppable Instagram came into existence and became an instant success. Shoppable Instagram is a part of the user’s general social behavior, so it doesn’t disturb them like the traditional ad pop-ups.

When users engage with these posts and realize how easy the entire purchase journey is, they don’t feel like going back to ecommerce stores anymore. They get everything at their fingertips without even leaving Instagram.

5.   Authenticity In Advertisements

When it comes to authentic advertising, user-generated content is the favorite choice for brands. That’s because it builds brand trust, expands social media presence, boosts user engagement, generates leads, and increases conversion rates all at once.

If you want all these benefits for your brand, you must post content created by your customers. The moment your audience comes across these posts, they get encouraged to buy your products; because people rely a lot on real-life experiences shared by their peers before making any purchase decision.

Not just that, when you post content by your customers as shoppable posts, your other customers get encouraged to post for you. Giving you fresh and unique content to post every day.

Over To You

Now that you have reached the end of this blog, you must have a thorough understanding of how Shoppable Instagram repainted the picture of ecommerce by transforming it into social commerce now.

We hope this blog inspires you to try shoppable Instagram and convert your content into conversions that keep increasing.