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Six Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Aluminum Vertical Sliding Windows

Six Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Aluminum Vertical Sliding Windows 

Aluminium vertical sliding windows are available in a vast collection of colours, materials, styles and finishes. These windows offer many advantages that are ideal for modern homes. For instance, a few manufacturers offer pre-engineered vertical sliding windows delivered in a box, streamlining transportation, handling, and storage. 

In addition, quality aluminium vertical sliding windows are installed with rubber gaskets, providing excellent sealing against noise, dust and water pollution. Moreover, nano-tech gaskets on the corner joint protect the inside from water ingress and unnecessary inconvenience.

Modern window designs

Available in a variety of modern window designs, vertical sliding windows are undeniably appealing to the eyes. They evoke a sense of tranquillity with the clean lines and minimalist frames. In addition, more oversized windows allow you to take in natural light and breathe fresh air. It also provides an unobstructed view of the outdoor scenery. They make a perfect choice for a high rise building because of their minimalistic looks, and they can be powder-coated and constructed in a more artistic building to match the theme.

Benefits of the material

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is relatively high, meaning that it is ideal for large windows with a minimal frame. Also, it can carry heavy glazing compared to other window materials and still has an elegant, sleek design. Aluminium vertical sliding windows are well-known for undergoing stellar anodising methods. A few window manufacturers even go a step further to supplement the windows with another coating method known as TEXGUARD coating. This form of coating prevents the windows from sustaining damage from rust, moisture, temperature changes, etc. 

Also, as aluminium is lightweight, sliding windows are easy to operate. You can open it with only a minimal push. For these reasons, aluminium vertical sliding windows work great in hard to reach places because of their easy operation.

Low maintenance

Aluminium vertical sliding windows have lower maintenance requirements than many other types of windows. The sliders can last for many years without much maintenance with correct installation. If a glass breaks, it can be easily replaced by popping it out of the frame. Some sliders can be lifted off for easier cleaning. Because of its sheer versatility, many commercial and residential places prefer installing aluminium vertical sliding windows.

Energy-efficient and recyclable

Lack of complicated moving parts helps sliding windows be fitted tightly and firmly, helping block the unfiltered air coming inside the house. Some windows also come with a coating that can block 95%-99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which helps in preventing the flooring and furniture from losing colour. 

Aluminium is a material that can be easily recycled; therefore, it is excellent for people looking for an environment-friendly product to build their house with. Only 5% of the energy is utilised in manufacturing a standard window. The ability to be recyclable makes it a greener option.

Corrosion resistance

Most aluminium windows and doors are highly water and air-resistant. Other qualities like corrosion resistance lower their maintenance and add to their lifespan. Unlike with other materials, cracking, swelling and rotting is not an option with aluminium.

Weather resistance – Aluminium vertical sliding windows 

Rain does not fall in a straight line. It always has a slight angle to it, which can cause it to come inside the house. Top aluminium window manufacturers design sliding windows with a double system. Such a system enables the accumulated water to drain outside. 

You can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above with the addition of high-efficiency glass and premium frame materials. So, get in touch with TOSTEM INDIA to learn more about vertical sliding windows and find the best possible solutions for renovation.

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