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Some natural ways to stop slugs and snails

Some natural ways to stop slugs and snails 

Slugs and snails are tons like us therein they find the products we are growing in our gardens delicious! The matter in fact is that we are probably not growing that produce for them, we are growing it for ourselves, our family, our friends, and our neighbors…so how can we obviate them without impacting our plants?

There are several alternative ways to stay slugs and snails off of your plants and out of your garden. The subsequent methods are wonderful, natural alternatives to any number of harsh chemical applications available on the market. Take help from professionals who are perfect in snail pest control service to get rid of snails and slugs

Add a layer of texture to your garden.

Slugs and snails aren’t big fans of bumpy roads. it’s hard for them to navigate through rougher textures. By adding a layer of gravel, mulch or sharp sand (play sand is just too fine) to your garden, it’ll deter the movement of slugs and snails throughout your garden and send them packing.

Use natural nutrients to keep off:

Many folks likely already compost our eggshells and occasional grounds, but before you add all of them to your compost heap , consider saving some for direct application in your garden. a bit like adding gravel, mulch or rough sand helps to keep off slugs and snails, eggshells and occasional grounds create an unwelcome texture for these pests.

The additional advantage of the nutrients these two options increase your soil is simply a win/win! Apply ground eggshells and or dregs (sure, it’s perfectly fine to mix them!) during a thin layer between rows and/or round the base of your plants to guard them.

Garlic is another natural alternative for thwarting slugs and snails. a bit like vinegar and water or juice and water are excellent options for pest control in our gardens, mixing garlic and water during a spray bottle acts as a robust repellent for slugs and snails. When applying this method, use caution and spray a little test area before full application to make sure no damage is completed to your plants when sprayed. Delicate leaves may burn easily if the mixture is just too astringent.

Herbs to the rescue.

As gardeners, we already know the various benefits of growing herbs for our own health, as companion plants and as natural pest deterrents. an equivalent holds true when it involves keeping slugs and snails out of our gardens. Excellent options for planting herbs which will keep these pests away are:

  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Creeping Thyme
  • Parsely

Planting these herbs as barriers to their companion plants round the border of your garden or raised beds, will help create a natural “fence” to assist keep slugs and snails out.

Can I set natural traps?

Snails and slugs love citrus and find it an irresistible treat. If you aren’t squeamish about hand collecting your intruders, save your citrus peels and lay them out the wrong way up in your garden late within the day.

You will likely wake to seek out your slug and snail populations feasting on them. Some people simply hand collect them, peels and every one and move the pests out faraway from the garden where they’re unable to figure their way back thanks to distance or they become natural prey for birds.

I know marigolds are excellent natural pest deterrents, is that this true?

While slugs are indifferent, snails are literally interested in marigolds. If you propose to use marigolds as a natural barrier for your garden and snails are your main pest issue, you’ll want to plant your marigolds elsewhere.

As a general rule, slugs and snails are easy to stop because they’re quite visible. If you initially notice slugs and snails in your garden, know that they need friends that aren’t far behind and it’s never too early to implement any number of the natural remedies listed here.

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