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Special Museum, the Moco Museum on the Museumplein in Amsterdam

Special Museum, the Moco Museum on the Museumplein in Amsterdam 

In Amsterdam, you will find many nice museums. If you are looking for a special museum in a special location, you should consider visiting the Moco Museum. With a nice kortingscode Moco Museum you pay a low entrance fee that is worth every euro. In addition to a discount code Moco Museum, you can also get a discount by ordering all your tickets online or by visiting the Moco Museum in real life.

Special private museum on the Museumplein in Amsterdam

Moco Museum is a private museum in a special location on the Museumplein. You will find the museum in a mansion, a house that was designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers, indeed a cousin of the famous architect Pierre Cuypers. No one could have avoided then that a museum would ever be established in the house. Initially, the mansion gained fame mainly because it was one of the first private homes to be given a beautiful place on the iconic Museumplein. By the way, the house still didn’t lose any of its appearance in the past ages so go and look!

Accessible museum with plenty of space for modern, contemporary art

On the Museumplein in Amsterdam, you will find the Moco Museum, a very accessible museum with plenty of room for modern and contemporary art. The aim of the museum is therefore that modern and contemporary art is always shown for the widest and younger possible audience. The museum has been successful in this approach since its opening, in 2016. Meanwhile. From the opening, exhibitions by Roy Lichtenstein, Icy & Sot, Daniel Arsham, Yayoi Kusama, JR Room, and most recently Studio Irma, among others, presented a digital art exhibition in which space and modern technology predominated.

The artists inside and the outdoor spaces form a magical whole

The artists inside and certainly also the outdoor spaces make the Moco Museum a special museum. Because don’t forget to view the outdoor works, beautifully decorated by different and changing artists. You can combine a visit to the Moco Museum with a boat tour if you want to enjoy everything that has to do with modern, contemporary art for an extra-long time.

Enjoy the special museum in Amsterdam

Do not forget to use the discount code Moco Museum if you honor the museum with a visit and enjoy everything that makes modern and contemporary art so beautiful. The Moco Museum is very accessible, the employees helpful and the prices very friendly.

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