Step-by-step guide to make your Magento 2 website mobile-friendly


Magento 2 website mobile-friendly: As a business owner your ultimate goal is to drive customers to your website. However, do you know it’s important to be easily accessible to your customers? The more you offer convenience to your users, the more they will shop. It clearly means you need to design your website in a way that is accessible through smartphones. Are you running an eCommerce online store on Magento 2? Congrats! You’re abreast of the competition.

So how can you make your Magento 2 website mobile-friendly? There is hundreds of Magento extension available in the framework that can assist to make your Magento 2 website mobile-friendly. If you belong to non-technical background, then it is better to hire a Magento 2 development company in India. Their team of experts will make the payment process, fulfill orders, and more seamless and intuitive.

 Always keep in mind, when you design a Magento website to be more mobile-friendly, the devices of smartphone varies and are comparatively small than desktops. It means your content should be brief, your forms/fields easy to fill out & your click buttons bold and clear. If the page keeps re-formatting or is extremely small for the user to fill out, they would possibly give up and leave your site.

Let’s see how you can optimize your Magento 2 for users:

Responsive and unique web design is the key

Having a thriving online shop needs a great UI. Unfortunately, you won’t find uniquely designed websites as responsive. This is because of many features and content you need to remove to ensure a smooth experience on devices. You want your customers to quickly access all the information on the small screen, but compromising on the customization and product details is a bad idea.

With Magento 2 this is not the case. Magento 2 has a mobile-first approach. This platform still concentrates on exhibiting just the significant features, but it does a better job of identifying those key information pieces.

Reap the benefits of Magento Extension

You would come across thousands of in-built Magento extensions. There are free as well as paid extensions, depending upon your requirement. It helps you to improve the performance of your site, allowing you to add extra features. Simply advances the functionalities of the site on mobile phones. It provides you the ease of transforming your existing e-store into a mobile-friendly website.

Don’t forget to optimize images and videos

Adding videos and images help to make your online store more engaging, empowering users to acknowledge your products with detailed insights.

However, these two things can significantly impact your website’s loading time. And in case, if these videos are large in size, it may stop your website to load on the mobile device.

Make sure your images are clear, rightly size your design. Here, you can take the assistance of a designer to optimize your image sizes for the smartphone’s screen.

Furthermore, eCommerce videos should be of the right size and be visible fully on the mobile device. Make sure that it does not autoplay.

Eliminate ads on your mobile device

Have you ever come across a website that’s overflowing with popup ads, “special offers”? It’s really irritating, isn’t it?

In the same way, your potential customers think. That’s the reason Google is taking such websites down. If users have a bad experience on your website, then Google will merely show your commerce website in the mobile search results.

It’s important to keep your customers updated with the latest offers, hence, we recommend you to grow your email list. Share all your latest offers easily.

Boost website’s load speed time

Nobody wants to lose customers to their competitors, not even you. Hence, it is important that you provide customers optimal website speed. Your website should load within three seconds and as per researchers, it should be less than two seconds.

To improve the loading speed of your website on mobile, you can optimize images, cut down some content, create AMP, or use a cache plugin. AMP is an optimization technique that was announced by Google long back.

It consists of some useful scripts and rules that will help you decrease the page load time and improve the performance beyond various mobile devices.

Seamless navigation

Making your Magento store attractive visually is one aspect and ensuring it works perfectly is another. In the end, you want your users to click on the crucial elements of your site such as pages, main menu, links, posts, and more.

Usually, navigational features are confined by a mobile design. You may not have the opportunity to cover all of the tabs and pages that are involved in the desktop of your site.


With Magento, mobile optimization is extremely easy. We recommend you to drop the DIY plan for making your website mobile-friendly and opt for the right Magento Development Company.