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Take Ketomac Tablets to keep Fungal infections at Bay!!

Take Ketomac Tablets to keep Fungal infections at Bay!! 

All of us may have suffered from fungal infections at some point of time in our life. They are communicable and spread easily when we come in contact with people having an infection. We travel in public transport and come in contact with different people during the course of the day. This poses a great challenge as we touch commonly used surfaces without even realizing it. This is the most common way of transmission of fungal infections from person to person. It is impossible to avoid contact all the time.So, what do you do if you catch any such infection? The market is full of products such as lotions, soaps, creams, sprays etc. that can be used to treat fungal infections. Have you heard about the uses of Ketomac tablet?

Applications of Ketomac Tablets

  • Some patients are immune to external medications like creams and lotions. In such cases, they are advised to take Ketomac tablets that contain ketocoazole which breaks down the fungus and provides relief.
  • Sometimes fungal infections do not respond to therapies such as Blastomycosis, Histoplasmosis, Coccidiodomycosis and many others. Dermatologists prescribe ketomac tablets in such patients.
  • Ketomac tablets are generic and are commonly used to treat fungal infections in the hair, nails skin as well as blood. Consult your dermatologist  in case of any of these infections as you will need a prescription to buy Ketomac tablet in India.
  • Ketomac tablets provide relief in case of skin inflammation  and reduces the redness caused due to infection.
  • If you are suffering from any other chronic disease such as Diabetes, Thyroid or heart related problems and are taking certain medicines, you should inform your dermatologist about the same. This is important as it may not be safe to take ketomac with some of these. 
  • It is not advisable to take Ketomac tablets during pregnancy as it may harm the foetus. Consult your gynecologist before taking them.
  • Ketomac tablet should be taken for the duration prescribed by your doctor. It has been observed that people discontinue the use when they see visible results. This may result in the recurrence of the infection. So, complete the course even if the infection is cured because the results may be superficial.

Are there any side effects of ketomac tablets?

It is a prescription drug that may show certain side effects in some people. These may include headache, nausea, pain, dizziness, congestion etc. if you notice any of these symptoms, stop taking the tablet and consult your dermatologist immediately. He may adjust the dosage or stop the use completely depending on your condition.

Ketomac tablets in India are being used by many people who can vouch for its effectiveness. Take the tablet as prescribed and get relief from all kinds of fungal infections that you accidentally contract from your gym, spa or office. Timely intervention will prevent your family members from catching the infection. So, keep yourself safe and healthy by taking timely action against such infections.

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