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Terry Crews Says He Would Have Done It Without Melissa McBride’s Daryl Spin-Off!

When Carol and Daryl are unable to reunite on The Walking Dead, Terry Crews, the newest member of the Dead universe, is happy to replace Daryl.

“Maybe you don’t have as much Daryl as you think,” Terry Crews told Insider via Zoom about joining Tales of the Last Dead. “But he can only come back and if we can do anything we will thank him.”

“I could definitely see it,” said Cruise, who plays Joe at the beginning of Apocalypse. “It’s really amazing.”

First announced in September 2020, Carol & Daryl’s X was announced as a series focusing on the close relationship between Carol (McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus).

I was surprised to hear that Melissa McBride was no longer on Daryl’s show.

In April, AMC confirmed to Insider that McBride was exiting the spinoff, which is currently touring and filming in Europe.

According to AMC, “Melissa going to Europe is an unacceptable arrangement”.

“The Carol/Daryl story isn’t over yet,” Reeds told fans at the “TWD” event at San Diego Comic-Con in July, hinting that there’s more to come.

If so, that’s new for McBride. The “TWD” star, who sat down with Reeds for an interview, offered heartfelt thoughts on continuing to share her story.

If the show is accurate, McBride is the only “TWD” character to survive the show’s pilot, whose character was supposed to be killed off years before the show premiered.

The team praised McBride and Carol Pelletier for their performances and told Insider that it would be surprising if her character didn’t survive the final eight episodes of “TWD.”

“I would be very disappointed if something happened to him,” Cruz said of McBride’s behavior. “She’s a responsible woman, and then she makes a great leader. It’s wow. Your job doesn’t last forever.”

“It’s a beautiful arc. I hate to see what happens to it,” he added.

If Carol is still alive in “TWD,” she might reunite with Crew Joe. The crew told us they believe Carol’s character is related to Tyreese (Chad Coleman), who has spent a lot of time on the show since leaving the set.

Melissa McBride as Carol on “TWD.”
Written by Josh Stringer/AMC

The writing team confirmed that the “Tales” episode will focus on the horror setting of the third and fourth seasons. If Joe lived in Michigan, he wouldn’t be far from where Carol is now in Ohio.

After Joe and Carol were eliminated from the series, the team had other ideas.

“I like the picture”. “I love who he is and I love the fact that he’s entering the big world of The Walking Dead,” Cruise told Insider of his “TWD” character Joe.

“Look, I met Norman Reedus and I thought, ‘Man, we can go down,'” Cruz said, “and we’re going to really mess up.”

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