The Benefits of Electronic Warehouse Shelf Labels (SoluM)

Using electronic warehouse shelf labels has a lot of benefits compared to using paper price tags. As a crucial segment in any modern business, it is a must for business owners as well as warehouse managers to maintain efficient and reliable warehouse operations to make sure that there is an efficient and unhindered flow of raw materials or finished products. However, despite these, a lot of warehouse operations still rely on highly inefficient manual systems, particularly with regards to labeling their bins, racks, and products

Electronic warehouse shelf labels are a dynamic and intuitive replacement for paper-based and manually generated stickers and labels. You need them to make your warehouse operations more efficient. The following are some of the ways that you can benefit from electronic labels.

The use of wireless connectivity and intuitive systems are effective enough to feature scheduling capabilities, such as the ability to update pricing or product information at a predefined date and time. Imagine having to change thousands of product labels when you are still using a sticker or paper-based system.

In the retail environment, electronic price tags can be a good advertising tool where customers can get information on special promotions or discounts directly right from the label itself, something that will help increase revenue generation.

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