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The Benefits of Using An AllMeds EMR Patient Portal

The Benefits of Using An AllMeds EMR Patient Portal 

According to studies, having a patient portal can change the way that your patients engage in their own care. It helps to build deeper bonds with healthcare providers and can become a means of open communication. Patient portals generally allow for a connection to be built between patient and provider, which opens up lines of trust.

If you are using AllMeds EMR, you get access to a complete solution. An integrated EHR, billing, and practice management software, along with a patient portal. The overall impact of this portal is immense, and it will leave a marked difference in your revenue generation. 

The Impact of Patient Portals

So, how exactly does the inclusion of patient portals impact your practice? Let’s start this AllMeds EMR review by discussing the different ways portals can benefit your practice. 

Impact on Patients

Let’s start by addressing how the portal can be useful for patients. 

Improved Health Outcomes

One of the biggest ways that the patient portal impacts the healthcare of patients is using engagement techniques. The more a patient is engaged in the process of their own care, the more likely it is to have better outcomes. Patients want to feel like their voices are heard and that they are active stakeholders in care.

This is why patients who get access to this kind of engagement are more likely to stick to treatment plans and live healthier. The patient portal is one such way of making this engagement happen, and it offers an easy-to-use solution. The software can be used so patients always have access to information and can reach you. 

Better Communication Between Patient and Provider

One of the greatest impacts that a portal can have on a patient is that it allows for improved communication. Patients can reach you when needed through a secure messaging platform available through the portal. This is crucial because it is vital that patient questions about their health, treatment, and diagnosis are answered.

The connection is also an important factor here – patients can use this to build a stronger bond with their doctors. They now don’t have to wait till they go in for a visit to have their questions answered. Instead, they can reach out to you whenever they have a query and have it answered within an appropriate time. 

Ability to Access and Review Materials

In this day and age, more and more patients expect to be treated like the average consumer. They want to see more of their documentation and have access to the files related to their healthcare. You can build rapport by allowing patients to see their healthcare materials through the portal.

This also offers an excellent opportunity to get patients to understand what they are going through. They will be able to understand their health issues from another context. It also gives them the chance to review documents like the care plan, which can be amended to be made more convenient. This will improve adherence and general outcomes.

Impact on Providers

Here’s how an effective patient portal can be an asset for any practice.

Improved Scheduling Tools

The impact of a patient portal isn’t just limited to the convenience of the patient. Having a patient portal can also have a meaningful impact on the practice and providers. For example, one of the biggest benefits is that it helps with the workload around scheduling. Patients can sign in and schedule their appointments according to their convenience.

Not only does this process help with efficiency, but it is also an effective measure of cutting staff workload. Instead of having a front desk staff member carry out this, people can set appointments all by themselves. This is also effective because the appointments are set on dates and times that are convenient. This means fewer missed appointments overall. 

Improved Revenue Generation

Portals aren’t just for reviewing your documentation and setting up appointments. Another feature you can potentially integrate into patient portals is bill payment systems. The idea here is that sometimes patients find paper billing statements confusing and difficult. Instead of that, you can offer an alternative to patients on their portal.

All patients have to do is sign in to their patient portal, and check their outstanding bills. They are then offered a number of bill payment options. This includes a credit card. This kind of payment system makes it easier for patients to pay at whatever time is most convenient to them and allows processing to be smoother.

Features of the AllMeds EMR Patient Portal

What are the notable areas in which you can get amazing features from AllMeds EMR? To understand that, let’s go through the different areas in which AllMeds operates.

For one, the AllMeds EMR is essential because it makes it easier for practices to cover the aspect of communication. This has been more crucial than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Providers have been forced to use innovative technological advancements to decide how to engage with patients. 

Using the portal, patients can get crucial information about COVID-19 regulations, updates, and more. The tools from the portal have also helped practices provide information about vaccine rollouts. Finally, another crucial feature of AllMeds EMR is the ability for patients to carry out their intake forms digitally.

Because of this, patients don’t have to wait in line at the practice and can instead fill out the form from home. The data is automatically imported into their EHR chart. This has especially been relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


A patient portal is an interesting tool, through which practices can provide care in meaningful ways. If you are interested in what you see about AllMeds EMR, we would recommend reaching out to the vendor for a demo. You can also ask the vendor for a detailed quote for the AllMeds EMR pricing. 

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