The key benefits of the customers service chatbots


Each of us has experienced the convenience and benefits of getting a lot of things done in an instant, like the click of a mouse button and with a tap on our phones. Today’s economy is much like an on-demand economy, meaning that consumer expectations are higher than before.

If companies do not find the need answers or resolve customer problems timely, then customers will move to the next brand with ease. As a consequence, customer service divisions play a key role in retaining customers, and their brand loyalty.

When firms look to provide quick and personalize service, they have found a revolutionary technology to help them with: chatbots. But what is a chatbot? Team leads and senior developers from an app development company in Montreal explain that a chatbot is a computer program which stimulates human conversation by means of artificial intelligence and guide conversation.

Let’s suppose a customer sends an inquiry by means of a text message (SMS), a chatbot can then understand the message and bring an immediate response that is likely to address the issue face by the customer.

Customer Service

In the past, phone calls have often been the starting point for customer service interactions. With time, they evolve from a live customer service representative to an automate service. Back in the day, phone calls can often become frustrating and hence a lot of people do share stories of how these calls transpire.

Nowadays, a lot of customer service communications start on digital channels. Being part of the evolution of technology, such interactions are now being automate as well. Here, chatbots have a role; they are becoming a well-rounded digital customer service representative. 

Some experts predict that by 2020, 85 percent of all interactions in customer service will be manage by chatbots, with relative ease.

Both businesses, organizations and customers alike have recognize the use cases of chatbots and the value virtual agents have in the arena of customer service. Here are some key benefits of using chatbots in customer service:

Provision of a familiar conversational channel

No one can deny the popularity messaging apps hold today. A vast majority of people spend their time conversing online. If users aren’t require to send an email, visit a website, use another app or make a call whenever they need help or face an issue, such a channel is their prefer medium to interact with business/brand/company.

This stands as the best chance for chatbots to be present in the cyber space especially where the customers are situate.

Self-service feature

Today, the world is moving to self-service experiences. Customers expect themselves to be able to resolve issues quickly without much help, using a kind of offering resembling self-service. Chatbots are able to meet these expectations. They work as a conversation-base self-service option to properly and promptly attend to customers’ needs.

Provision of immediate responses

Customers demand a quick response whenever they are engaging with a customer service representative. When it comes to data search speed along with accuracy, chatbots have the advantage in comparison to humans. This means that chatbots respond quicker to most inquiries and can hence remove waiting time.

Element of personalization

A personalized service is something everyone loves and admires. Fast access to customer history helps chatbots help them in an improved manner, especially in terms of one-on-one conversations or transactions, based on preferences of users and their past interactions (Hire app developer).

Round the clock availability

For any business, there is a chance for their brand’s voice to be heard, and be around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. That can be done by means of a chatbot. It can act as a digital customer service agent available round the clock, helping customers address their issues with relevant and relative ease.

Their capacity to respond rises

Another advantage of using chatbots is that they can handle multiple conversations at a time. They also do not need extra resources as the business grows. They have given brands a quick victory when assuring a customer that they have received their query/complaint/concern/grievance and inform them accordingly of the status as well.