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The life of a Data Scientist in India

The life of a Data Scientist in India 

Data Science is a career path taken by so many people nowadays because it is an essential part of every business and industry. It is an ongoing and one of the most demanded professions as it helps in customer satisfaction and helps the companies grow their business.

This field of study uses various complex algorithms to form predictive models that support the business to reach their target audience and excel in their respective fields. If you are interested in pursuing Data Science as a career path, we are delighted to tell you that we offer a Data Science Course in Delhi.

What does Data Science mean?

Are you tired of listening to a term that you don’t understand the meaning of? Let us help you understand the actual and straightforward definition of Data Science.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses algorithms, scientific processes, extracts knowledge from unstructured data and further uses that knowledge to derive patterns, solutions and business solutions. It is one of the highest demanded field all over the world.

Does a Data Scientist live a luxurious life in India?

If you’re planning to settle in India as a Data scientist, you should know that the average salary of a Data Scientist in India is 6-7Lakhs per annum. However, if you have less than one year of experience in this field, you can earn around Rs5,00,000 per annum in India. Data Scientist with approximately one to four years of experience can make up to Rs6,00,000 annually in India.

As your experience and knowledge grow, you reach the mid-level or the senior level. A mid-level data scientist who has experience of five to nine years can earn up to Rs1,004,082 per annum! A very successful senior-level data scientist earns about Rs1,700,000 annually in India!

However, it all comes down to the quality of work and the skills you have gained all these years. The more courses and projects you have had, the more possibilities for you to crack data Science Interview Questions. As conveyed before, Data Science is an upcoming and famous field with a large variety of scope regarding incentives, promotions and salaries!

What are the applications of Data Science?

No existing company or profession can work without a Data Scientist. Be it Healthcare, Gaming, Logistics companies, Fraud detection, and so on, Data Science has spread itself in almost every existing industry.

You must have noticed that if you search for a specific series or movie online, suddenly Netflix, Amazon, and other apps will recommend you series and films related to your search history. A Data Scientist does this work, and like said before, it leads to customer satisfaction and profits for the companies!

To state some facts about the growing need for Data Science as a career, as per 2019 reports, Glassdoor has stated that Data Science is the top job wanted in the United States.

Another plus point of this field is that this field won’t stop you from growing, no matter which country you are in. Being one of the topmost wanted jobs globally, you can earn and live a luxurious life wherever in the world you want. Still don’t believe this? Allow us to tell you that according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Data Science will lead to the creation of 11.5 million jobs by the year 2026! The second-highest country to recruit people from this field after the USA is India!

What skills do Data Scientists require?

Like every other field, the most important thing to keep in mind is the skillset. If you don’t have the skills you need to become a Data Scientist, your career will not flourish like it is supposed to. Some of the skills that you need to become a successful Data Scientist are:

  • The knowledge of Machine learning algorithms like Decision Tree, Regression etc.
  • Python, SAS, Hive and other programming languages.
  • Good communication skills to understand and comprehend the needs of the company.
  • The right attitude and aptitude to understand the world of Business.

If you have these skills, all you need is the path that takes you to success.

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