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The Nepal Tour Pashupatinath Temple Of Life and Death

The Nepal Tour Pashupatinath Temple Of Life and Death 

For decades, Kathmandu has been a Himalayan paradise for tourists. It is known for its bustle and hustle, which allows it to move with human life. Pashupatinath Crematoria serves as a reminder of the fact that all life comes to an abrupt halt.

Pashupatinath Temple is a massive structure that towers above the banks of Bagmati River, which eventually joins the holy Ganges. Here, Hindu cremation ceremonies are performed on an industrial scale. The rituals are open to the public. Although it may seem strange to some, Hindus consider death an integral part of their journey.


Kathmandu’s daily life is hectic. This is Kathmandu’s capital, so it is normal for things to go wrong. In Kathmandu’s hospitals, road traffic accidents and other causes of serious injuries are common. Although the staff does their best to help these patients, it is not always possible.

There is something amazing about the people who cannot be treated in the healthcare industry. You will get a great insight into the complicated religious beliefs of people you may end up working with by watching a cremation.

RELIGION IN NEPALA – Pashupatinath

Nepal has many religions. We’ll be returning to Hinduism, which is the most popular religion in Nepal. Kirat Mundhum is a form of shamanism that the Kirat people practice after Hinduism. It is based on ancestor worship and reverence for mother nature. Then comes Islam and then Buddhism. Christianity and other religions have not been as popular.

Hinduism is the dominant religion in Nepal. The belief systems of karmic balance, reincarnation and other concepts are at the core of Nepalese culture. This is especially evident at Pashupatinath.


The temple and the land where it sits are only open to Hindus. Travellers are also subject to this rule. Observe the proceedings from the side of the Bagmati river.

The Hindu Lord Shiva is honored at Pashupatinath shivling. Shiva is the god or transformation of destruction, which is quite fitting considering the main purpose of the temple. It also conforms to Hindu belief in karma (reincarnation)

The brightly dressed holy men and ‘sadhu,’ will happily pose for photos in return for a few coins. Although the sadhu rely on ‘gifts to survive, some locals seem to frown on what they consider to have been begging. The sadhu are very photogenic so make sure to take some photos if you feel it’s appropriate.


To fully understand the ceremony, one must see it. However, the following information should help to clarify the process.

Usually, a group of all-male men carries the coffin or stretcher to the temple for removal. The body is covered with pure-white cloth, leaving the head exposed. The family takes the body to the temple for the final visit. After that, they respectfully undress the body. The body is then tied with white cloth and the head left exposed.

The men then take up the stretcher and begin to walk around the wooden funeral pyre three times in a clockwise manner before placing the body on the top. The oldest son of the family then walks around the funeral pyre, lighting the kindling at the head. It is believed that the deceased’s spirit leaves their mouth after death. through the mouth.

It produces white smoke when the pyre goes into flames because of the wet straw blanket that covers the body. As the cremation takes place, the smoke covers the body. After cremation is complete, the family waits for some time. There are then the remains to throw into the river.

Despite the dark undertones, there is something incredibly peaceful about this place. It could be that the Hindus see death as rebirth, not the ‘end. No matter your religious beliefs, a Pashupatinath trip helps to break down cultural barriers by showing us the truth that all of humanity must experience.

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