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The Problem of Frequent Urination

The Problem of Frequent Urination 

You chugged back a whole jug of water or drank a little too much coffee, and now you are squirming to go to the loo; that’s normal. You are very pregnant and are peeing constantly, that’s normal too!

However, frequent urination becomes a problem when your fluid and caffeine intake is both moderated, and you aren’t pregnant either. In this case, the repeated trips to the loo might be a symptom of something amiss with your health.

Alongside being extremely inconvenient, it can also lead to a great toll on mental health. Before going anywhere then, your mind is preoccupied with the thoughts of the availability of a bathroom.

Moreover, urination may plague you during sleep as well, which then causes disrupted and poor sleep. There are many underlying reasons for having frequent urination, including diseases like diabetes or issues like UTIs and prostate problems, requiring the help of a urologist then.

Causes of frequent urination

There are many different conditions that can include frequent urination as a symptom. These include:

Bladder cancer

Although rarer, but still a valid enough cause for frequent urination is bladder cancer. Other symptoms of this condition include the presence of blood in the urine, and less commonly, pain during urination.


Diabetes is a condition in which the body either produces very little insulin or none. Therefore, sugar is not converted to the storable form and runs amok in the blood. The kidneys then try to throw the excess sugar out of the body through excess urine formation.

A sign of diabetes-induced frequent urination is weight loss alongside urine that smells slightly sweet.


Diuretics are medicines that promote water loss through urine formation. These medicines are given mostly to hypertensive patients, as too much blood volume is dangerous for them.

Those suffering from edema or swelling induced by fluid uptake by the tissues also then need diuretics to encourage getting rid of the excess water from the body, which is otherwise dangerous for the patients.

Interstitial cystitis

IC is a condition that affects the bladder. It causes not only frequent urination but also leads to increased pressure to the bladder and the consequent pain. Alongside the increased urgency to pee, interstitial cystitis also causes pain in the pelvic region as well.

Overactive bladder

This condition is remarked by the frequent and urgent need to urinate, even when the bladder is not full, and hence the name ‘overactive’ bladder. It often results from issues with the nerves of the bladder.

Prostate problems

The prostate forms an important part of the reproductive system, but since it is located in the vicinity of the bladder, it also then affects the urinary system. Due to many reasons, the prostate may become enlarged. It then pushes on the bladder, leading to increased pressure that then results in frequent urination.

Neurological problems

Certain neurological problems like stroke and Parkinson’s can also increase the episodes of urination. The process of urination is also controlled by the nerves connected to the bladder. When there is a malfunctioning in the nervous system, these nerves also then falter. The bladder gets wrong signals due to which the person then experiences the frequent need to urinate.


Urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria make its way inside the urinary tract. It may affect the different organs part of the renal system. Alongside frequent urination, UTIs also cause pain and burning sensation when peeing.

UTIs also lead to the formation of cloudy urine, which may or may not be tinged with blood. It also makes people think they have not emptied the bladder, even after making several rounds to the loo. Since it is an infection, it may also lead to low-grade fever as well.

Since UTIs require the use of antibiotics and can become complicated when affecting the kidneys, therefore if you suspect a case of UTI, you should consult the best urologist in Lahore.

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