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Things To Do In Kumara Parvatha

Things To Do In Kumara Parvatha 

Kumara Parvatha: With the stunning beauty of the Pushpagiri range, Kumar Parvath Is situated at a maximum altitude of 1,17 meters above sea level. It is a short trek with a trekking distance of 22 km. it trek can be hiked within two days of struggle and enjoyment. It is famous for the fourth highest peak in Karnataka and the highest peak in the Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary and the western ghats of Karnataka. it looks stunning with its rich variety of flora and fauna. Some Hindu mythological stories related to Kumara Parvatha makes this trekking more interesting. View of volcanic rocks, green forest, grasslands, green carpet, and canopy of blue sky can make you spellbound.

Now moving on to our topic things to do in Kumara Parvatha. If you planning to trek this trek then this trekking journey is going to the best part of your bucket list. Here are to help to know what exciting and thrilling things can be done in the trekking trip of Kumar Paravth. The first thing you can do before starting this trek is to leave your busy schedule task behind and start this wonderful trek with a fresh mind and positive vibes. Winters with soft rays of the sun and a thin layer of midst and snow are the best to enjoy the scenic and picturesque beauty of the kumara parvatha trek.

Night Camping

Moving forward camping at night can be the best thing you can do during this trek. The rocky trails are not so suitable for camping but the forest trails are full of camping sites. Bhattara Mane is a popular camping site and Kallu Mandapa is the last camping spot before Kumara Parvatha. A glass of wine or a cup of hot coffee or tea and some music can make your camping journey memorable. Night camping becomes more amazing with friends, bonfires, and dance. Friends and enjoyment are interrelated but if you are traveling alone then you can realize the beauty and calmness of the night. Don’t forget to carry sleeping bags.

Cave Exploration

Cave exploration is another thrilling, exciting, and adventurous thing you can do in your trekking journey of kumara parvatha trek. Biladwara Cave is present in this trek to provide you an awesome experience of cave exploration. According to Hindu mythology is believed that the king of snakes, Vasuki hides in this cave to protect him from the wrath of Garuda. A large number of Hindu pilgrims visit this place on the day of Nag Panchami to worship the mythological king of snakes, Vasuki. The cave is set amid a beautiful garden. Take out your camera and click some photos to make your cave exploration memorable. The cave of biladwara is located en route to Kukke Subramanya temple.


The next interesting or I may say soothing thing you can do is to enjoy the beauty of blue and white color foam that is the beauty of waterfalls. Mallalli Waterfalls and Abbimatta Falls surrounded by forest and rocks will set to give pleasure to your eye. The Mallalli originates from River Kumardhara and gets merged in the Arabian sea. The monsoon rain adds an extraordinary glittering effect to Mallalli waterfalls. Mallali waterfalls are located at a distance of around 26 Km from Somwarpet. Abbimatta Falls is a seasonal waterfall and is located on the slopes of the Bachalli Village. June to November is the best time to see the picture-perfect view of Abbimatta falls. Green forest and paddy fields, coffee estates, and valleys surround abbimatta falls and adds a green color beauty to the waterfall.

Temple Visit

Another thing one can be visiting the Kukke Subramanya TempleSpiritualists will love to visit this tranquil Kukke Subramanya Temple. This temple is dedicated to Deva Senapathi, Lord Karthikeyan. This divine temple is located in the village Subramanya and as it is in midst of the forest, so it provides a calm and soothing place to connect yourself with god or inner peace without much disturbances.

Tour To Forest Reserve

A tour to Pushpagiri Forest Reserve is another interesting thing one can do in kumara parvatha. It is a home for endangered species and a diverse range of flora. An Indian rock python, Olive Keelback, King Cobra, and many endangered species are found here. The chirping of birds and sight of the green forest will give immense pleasure and satisfaction of trekking.

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