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Tips for choosing the right hiking boots – Must Try That
right hiking boots

Tips for choosing the right hiking boots – Must Try That 

Hiking is one of the most exciting things in some people’s life. Passing through the woods, watching the beautiful nature, who doesn’t like that? However, do you think your feet like hiking as much as you do? 

While hiking is an exciting adventure, it is also a tiring one. All the walking and climbing up the steep paths can make your feet ache. However, if you find the right boots, that is not the case. The boots you wear must be well protected and padded. There are various boots that are suitable for hiking, such as the Danner hiking boots

Before you leave for your hiking trip, you need to find the perfect hiking shoes for yourself. Different people will find different boots comfortable because this depends on every person’s comfort level. 

To find the perfect boots for yourself, you need to look for them properly. After finding some boots, you need to test and find the ones you find the most comfortable. In this article, we will give you tips that will help you find the best hiking boots for yourself. 

What style do you need?

Different hiking boots are made for different types of trekking. You can’t go hiking with just any type of boots. You need to determine the type of hike you are going to. Is it just a casual hike, or are you going deep into the mountains? 

When you have determined all of this, only then can you choose the perfect boots for yourself? Let’s take a look at the different types of boots that you can wear during a hike. 

Mountaineering boots

Mountaineering boots

Are you planning on going to a rocky area? Maybe you are going to a glacial trail or a snowy path. In that case, mountaineering boots are your best choice. There are various choices of mountaineering boots, such as Danner mountain 600. 

Mountaineering boots are made up of a material that can easily handle heavy loads. Moreover, it can help you walk or hike on the most difficult terrains.

Light hiking shoes

Light hiking shoes

Are you someone who only goes day hiking? Well, then these boots are the best option for you. These boots are just a bigger version of running shoes. Therefore, they are also referred to as shoes. 

Backpacking boots

Are you confused about the terrains you will be going on during your hike? Well, then these are the perfect boots for you. Backpacking boots can be used on any terrain – they can also work on and off the trail. 

These are the perfect shoes if you have planned a multi-day trek. This is because they have a stiff sole and are very durable due to which reason they can help you in any condition or terrain. 

Find the right material

Find the right material

The material used in manufacturing the boots is essential. You have to find the right material; otherwise, you will face various issues. 

The wrong material can make you feel warm, uncomfortable, and stuffed. Therefore, to stay comfortable during your hike, you should find the right material. Let’s take a look at some of the materials that you should consider when buying boots. 

Full-grain leather 

Full-grain leather

In the manufacturing of most mountaineering boots, full-grain leather is used. It is a durable material that can help you on unsteady terrain. However, this material is also very strong and unbreathable. Thus, it is not so comfortable. 


This type of material can easily be broken in and is extremely light. It also dries up fast when wet. However, it is not a very good water resistor. 

Split grain leather 

This material is made of half synthetics and half leather. It is a very breathable material. However, it is not very durable. 

Choose the cut

Choose the cut

These boots come in different cuts, and choosing the right cut is essential for a hiker. If the chosen cut is not correct, you might end up with a sprained ankle or with rocks in your shoes. 

There are three main cuts that you should consider. Low-cut boots – they are best for terrains that have been maintained well. Mid-cut boots are good for balance and ankle support, and lastly, high-cut boots are best for hikers who plan on going on and off the trail. 

Check the size 

Check the size

When choosing the boots, we get lost in their looks so much that we forget about the size check. Your hiking boots should always be of the perfect size. You should ensure that your heel stays in place in the boot you are buying. Otherwise, you can get blisters. 

Always try them on with trail socks to get the best fit. Also, ask the shopkeepers about everything you need to know about the boots!


Boots and shoes like Danner shoes should always be brought with extreme caution. You should be patient and should look for the best boots for yourself. Otherwise, buying them will not have any benefits for you, rather there will be many disadvantages. 

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